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EGI-InSPIRE:Sa1 2013-01-22

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Progress of SA1 issues

Albania still has no plans and timeline about integrated resources into EGI.


  • D4.7 Operations Sustainability. All external reviews collected, the final version of the document is being prepared and will be ready today.

SA1.1 Activity Management


  • WLCG Management Board
  • pre-GBD and GDB meetings, reporting on status of SHA-2 activities and progress of middleware upgrade campaign
  • preparation and chairing of OMB Jan meeting
  • resource allocation task force kickoff meeting
  • meeting on the DNS configuration of the domain
  • internal meeting on GGUS authentication mechanisms, preparation of contribution to the 5 Feb meeting
  • MAPPER task force meeting


  • Reviewed abstracts for CF2013
  • Discussion with GRNET, Ops.Portal team and JRA1 about the submission of a mini-project
  • Initial support of a resource centre (from AsiaPacific area) willing to join the infrastructure
  • Discussion with SA1.2 about activities related to central banning
  • Follow up with controversial ticket about unsupported middleware
  • collection and discussion of EGI-InSPIRE SA1 plans for 2013 for each task
  • preparation of Evolving EGI workshop: collection of input from all partners responsible of running operational global tasks about the foreseen/recommended evolution of the task (material is being collected at
  • resource provider status: start of rollback of NGI_ZA integration steps. NGI_IE and NGI_IGALC now just include suspended sites that are waiting to be finally closed to complete the decommissioning procedure.
  • assessment of progress of gLite decommissioning and of preparation of EMI 1 probes to start the EMI 1 decommissioning campaign
  • discussion of mandate and plans for the working group on Nagios probe evaluation in preparation to SAM Update 22 which will include the new EMI 2 probes
  • preparation of survey on service configuration tools in preparation to the end of support of Yaim core
  • start of configuration campaign in GOCDB of NGI core services in preparation to the NGI availability/reliability monthly statistics
  • approval of the OLA

SA1.2 Security

  • Work on Security training poster for EGI CF
  • Prepare training for ISGC 2013
  • Preparing proposals for several mini-projects
  • Attend EUGridPMA and report on this to OMB monthly meeting
  • preparation of SA1.2 plans for 2013 and assessment of progress
  • preparation of EMI 1 probes for EMI 1 decommissioning campaign
  • ongoing release of EMI WN tarball (NGI_UK) to allow several sites to upgrade their gLite 3.2 WN installation (sl5) and discussion

SA1.3 Staged rollout

  • Preparation of new release UMD 2.4.0 and UM 1.10.0 to be released in February.
  • Preparation of staged rollout plans for 2013 and assessment of progress in 2012

  • For UMD-1:
    • No news for this week. All previous week actions still continuing
  • For UMD-2:
    • components ready for production.
      • All ARC 2.0.1
      • WMS 3.4.0 (include Blah 1.18.2)
      • CREAM 1.14.2
      • Cream Torque 2.0.0-2
      • MPI 1.4.0
      • GLOBUS rls 5.2.2
      • GLOBUS myproxy 5.9.1
      • Gridway 5.12.0
    • SR announcement already made
      • IGE.globus-default-security 2.2.1
      • EMI.gridsite 1.7.25

SA1.3 Integration

  • Mapper task force meeting . Actions on integration of GGUS helpdesk and PRACE helpdesk, and on accounting to foster the integration of EGI accounting and PRACE accounting based on GridSafe
  • planning of first meeting of PRACE/EGI task force on information discovery

SA1.4 Central tools

  • Implemented new EMI-1 monitoring tests:
    • eu.egi.sec.LB-EMI-1
    • eu.egi.sec.Site-BDII-EMI-1
    • eu.egi.sec.Top-BDII-EMI-1
  • Prepared and presented plan for 2013
  • Collection of requirements for GOCDB failover configuration and planning of new failover configuration for Spring 2013

SA1.5 Accounting

  • Discussion of VO metric views in accounting portal and current inaccuracy of the reports
  • Assessment of progress of user DN publishing: still 40 sites not publishing. NGI_AEGIS (Serbia) is not willing to publish userDN information unless required by a given VO and with the consent of the user (requires changes in the AUP of the VOs who need user DN)
  • Discussion on changes in the APEL publisher to allow site administrators to tag usage records that are not willing to publish user DNs (to distinguish these records from those who do not include user DN info because of configuration errors)

SA1.6 Helpdesk

  • Monitoring tickets.
  • Updating GGUS documentation.
  • Preparing next GGUS release.

SA1.7 Support

  • ticket and dashboard handling
  • wrote input for newsletter
  • unsupported middleware activity followup
  • definition of 2013 plans
  • assessment of new operations dashboard

Software Support

No report received

Network Support

No report received

SA1.8 Availability and core services

  • Core services
    • Follow-up with VOMS development team regarding notifications mechanism
      • Decision was made to wait until EMI3 version of VOMS since according to the current development roadmap a notifications mechanism similar to the one available on VOMRS will be implemented on VOMS
      • Identified additional bug on EMI2 VOMS related to VO groups
    • Upgraded site-certification service (due to vulnerability issue of Ruby on Rails)
  • A/R reporting
    • Final version of Dec 2012 A/R reports published (are re-computation requests included)
  • Other
    • Initial version of SA1.8 2013 roadmap and milestones published on EGI wiki


  • OMB approval of OLA


  • Evolving EGI workshop, Amsterdam Jan 2013
  • ENVRI face to face meeting, Rome Feb 2013
  • EUDAT all hands meeting, Bologna Feb 2013