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EGI-InSPIRE:SA1 Milestones

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Number Title Beneficiary Month Description Editor
MS401 Operational Tools regionalisation status. Status INFN PM 01 Report assessing the current status of the regionalisation of the operation tools and prioritising the remaining work that needs to be under taken by WP7. Luciano Gaido. Moderator: S. Brewer, Reviewer: T. Ferrari
MS402 Deploying Software into the EGI production infrastructure. Status CSIC PM 02; MS409 Month 14, MS416 Month 26, MS423 Month 38 Description of the procedures used to take new software releases (of middleware or operational tools) from the software repository through staged rollout before entering production. Mario David, Moderator: Steven Newhouse, Reviewer: Carlos Fernandez
MS403 EGI Helpdesk and the NGI Support Units. Status KIT PM 02; MS410 Month 14, MS417 Month 26, MS424 Month 38 Description of the operational procedures and NGI support units within the production infrastructure including the network support provided in EGI through its service providers. Torsten Antoni, Moderator: Steve Brewer, Reviewer: Gergely Sipos
MS404 and Questionnaire Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) within the EGI production infrastructure. Status GRNET PM 02; MS411 Month 14, MS418 Month 26, MS425 Month 38 Report defining the OLAs expected from the NGI & EIRO resource providers and any changes needed in the operational tools to support the OLAs. Dimitris Zilaskos, Moderator: Steve Brewer; Reviewer: Sergio Andreozzi
MS405 Operational Security Procedures. Status IN2P3 PM 03; MS412 Month 15, MS419 Month 27, MS426 Month 39 The report defines the security related operational procedures for handling security indents and vulnerabilities Dorine Fouossong. Moderator: S. Andreozzi, reviewer: Josva Kleist
MS406 Deployment plan for the distribution of operational tools to the NGIs/EIROs. Status CSIC PM 04; MS413 Month 16, MS420 Month 28 A plan for the deployment of regionalised variations of the operational tools to the NGIs will be established based on the status of the tools at the end of EGEE-III and after the work of WP7. S. Diaz
MS407 Integrating Resources into the EGI Production Infrastructure. Status KTH PM 04; MS414 Month 16, MS421 Month 28, MS427 Month 40 Definition of the operational interfaces that must be supported for resources to be integrated into the production infrastructure. Michaela Lechner
MS408 EGI Operational Procedures. Status NCF PM 06; MS415 Month 18, MS422 Month 30, MS428 Month 42 Report covering all operational activities within EGI. Ron Trompert
MS409 Deploying software into the EGI Production Infrastructure. Status LIP PM 14 Timeline: ToC due: 17 May, 1st draft: 1/06, Deadline: 30/06 M. David
MS410 EGI Helpdesk and the NGI Support Units. Status KIT PM 14 Timeline: ToC due: 17/05, 1st draft: 1/06, Deadline: 30/06 T. Antoni
MS411. Operational Level Agreements within the EGI PRoduction Infrastructure. Status AUTH PM 14 Timeline: ToC due: 17/05, 1st draft: 1/06, Deadline: 30/06 D. Zilaskos
[ MS412] Operational Security Procedures Status CNRS PM 15 Timeline: ToC due: 17/06, 1st draft: 1/07, Deadline: 31/07 D. Fouossong/IN2P3
[ MS108] EGI Global Task Review. Status PM 10 Report of EGI Global Tasks Editor: C. Gater
MS109 NGI International Task Review. Status PM 10 Report of NGI International Tasks Editor: TBD


Time before submission State in AMB RT Queue RT Ticket Owner Material
6 weeks ToC Activity Manager Document skeleton created and first version of the document with the table of contents entered into the document
4 weeks Draft Activity Manager A full draft is available in the repository that has been reviewed within the activity
2 weeks Review Review Moderator A review led by a moderator and one reviewer using the document comments form has been completed and responded to by the document authors. This may take multiple cycles.
2 weeks AMB Review Project Manager Document circulated to the PMB for information
Deadline With EC Project Finance Officer A clean version of the document is in the document repository and made available to the EC