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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome

2. Main Achievements

Based on the work of the OLA task force in the previous quarter, revised site-NGI OLA document was produced and presented to the OMB. Also a first draft of an NGI-EGI OLA which will be devided in 3 section was produced. The 3 sections will be a) EGI-NGI services b) Core services c) site-NGI services. The new site-NGI OLA was approved in the OMB F2F meeting 24-25 January in Amsterdam.

From the experience obtained so far through the Availability/reliability results publication process, a document with proposal to the operations tools was produced, with suggestions for improvements and additional features that could be included in the tools development roadmap.

EGI League results were circulated for the months October, November, January.

dteam VO has been fully migrated to EGI VOMS servers. CERN dteam VOMS instaces were shut down on January 26.

SEE-GRID CA has setup a new Registration Authority (RA) in University Chaukh Anta DIOP in Senegal and has started the procedure to setup RAs for SixSq (Partner of StratusLab project) in Switzerland and Helwan University in Egypt.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
November Availability League results were wrong for sites in AT_RISK DT Issue was investigated, new calculation was performed, and new results were published
Many sites did not follow up with the broadcasts to update dteam VO configuration After analyzing CERN VOMS logfiles on regular intervals, NGIs were alerted with the list of sites/hosts that required action

4. Plans for the next period

Work on the EGI-NGI and Core Services OLA.

Continuous Evaluation of increased Availability/Reliability thresholds to be enforced from May onwards.

Provide feedback to Operations tools developers for the improvements according to the document presented to the OMB in December [1].

5. Number of sites suspended

Month Suspended sites
October 2010 2
November 2010 1
December 2010 0