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1. Task Meetings

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2. Main Achievements

Availability reporting

Within quarter 14 availability reporting was performed as usual on a monthly basis. Publication of results and re-computation requests regarding A/R results were handled by the SLM unit via GGUS.

Catch all services and core grid services

VO services

Migration of dteam VO from VOMRS to latest EMI-3 VOMS has been completed in Sep 2013. Procedure was discussed and agreed during September OMB. Group Managers per group have been added manually to new instance as they were not migrated via the migration method followed.

One minor bug regarding the notifications mechanism was identified on the production instance. The VOMS development team was notified and the bug has been accepted.

EGI Catch all CA

EGI catch-all CA has tested issuance of SHA-2 end entity certificates successfully and is thus within the EUGridPMA official roadmap.

Core services for site certification

The site certification services have been updated during QR14. In specific new core Top-BDII and WMS services have been setup and older instances have been retired. Also the code running on has been maintained and updated. Deployment of the new release on the production service is scheduled for next quarter.

Operational Tools

During quarter 14 maintenance operations on the midmon dedicated SAM instance (used for monitoring of running middleware versions on sites) have been applied. Also several new probes have been added that enable and assist the campaign for unsupported middleware service instances.

Setting up of a new security nagios box based on SAM-Update-22 has also begun. Currently this is in testing phase, and once all checks have been performed the new instance will repalce the existing production one.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description

4. Plans for the next period


Availability reporting

Investigation of whether operational tools advancements can simplify the procedure of providing A/R reports.

Catch all services and core grid services

VO Services

Removal of dteam VO legacy groups and re-organization of Group managers per group (champaign is on-going).

EGI Catch All CA

  • We expect based on communications a expansion in the current network of RAs.
  • Replacement of SHA-1 EE certificates issuance with SHA-2.

Core Services for Site Certification

Replacement and deployment of updated code release for

Operational tools

Replacement of security nagios instance with current testing one.