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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
07/11/2011 Grid Operations Meeting
21/11/2011 Grid Operations Meeting
13/12/2011 Grid Operations Meeting
09/01/2012 Grid Operations Meeting
20/01/2012 Grid Operations Meeting

2. Main Achievements

  • UMD 1.4 release - 19 Dec. 2011
  • UMD 1.5 release - 30 Jan. 2012
  • Slight increase in the number of EAs
  • All products from EMI and IGE are now covered by EAs, except FTS and VOMS oracle where it was decided not to support them in UMD due to very limited number of sites using them.


Integration of Desktop Grids into operational tools started:

  • three new service types were added to GOCDB:
    • dg.CREAM-CE - CREAM gateway to Desktop Grid
    • dg.ARC-CE - ARC gateway to Desktop Grid
    • dg.TargetSystemFactory - UNICORE gateway to Desktop Grid
  • first version of probe for monitoring Desktop Grids services was provided by the Desktop Grids team.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Time lag between release in EMI and release in UMD. Some sites have complained about this time lag. Possible mitigation comprises in making new reeleases avalable in a testing repository of UMD, while the SW provisioning occurs.

4. Plans for the next period

  • Due to the positive response of EAs to have a web application for the staged rollout reports, this will be designed and requested to EGI IT for further development and deployment.
  • Preparation for the upcoming EMI2 in the end of April, namely in SL6 and Debian6. Pool for EAs for the new major release.
  • New proposal for SW provisioning underway. Plan to push this further in the TCB for comments.


  • Assess the status of UNICORE probes in the SAM framework and finalize the integration if needed.
  • Definition of tests used for certification of UNICORE and Globus sites. As part of this activity tests will be included in set of operations tests (PROC06). This task will take longer period and will not be finalized in the next quarter.
  • The accounting for UNICORE and Globus will be handled by the new accounting task force. Globus and UNICORE task forces will be closed in the next quarter.
  • Integration of Desktop Grids sites into SAM framework.
  • Initiate integration of QCG middleware used by MAPPER poject. First steps are establishing list of NGIs interested in QCG and full integration into EGI infrastructure.
  • Initiate integration of iRODS service used by the EUDAT project. The first step will be adding the new service type in GOCDB.