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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
04 May Globus integration task force meeting 13 participants

Consitutional meeting

06 May UNICORE integration task force meeting 8 participants

Standard meeting with slight focus on new GOCDB service types

18 May Globus integration task force meeting at least 13 active participants

Meeting during EGCF1, Munich, dedicated to Accounting and GridSAFE

06 June Globus integration task force meeting 11 participants

Participation in ComputeAccounting wg, discusing Staged-Rollout and EA

15 June UNICORE integration task force meeting 7 participants

Standard meeting, finalizing list of new GOCDB service types

14 July Globus integration task force meeting 11 participants

Extended meeting, update on Argus, further discusion on Staged-rollout and the possibility to have an intermediate solution for a site information system

15 July UNICORE integration task force meeting 10 participants

Standard meeting, some deeper discusions on accounting and extended focus on with needed reformulation of the OLA and the site certification procedure. Also here talking about the site information system.

2. Main Achievements

The main achievement was the successful release of the first major version Unified Middleware Disdtribution, with a total of 29 products: UMD-1:UMD-1.0.0

There where a 3 products that have been rejected in the software provisioning workflow, comprising verification (SA2.3), and staged rollout (this task). All products where being processed in paralel through the workflow by various verifiers and after by several early adopter teams.

Some technical problems have arisen during the process but have been quickly solved. There also some other issues that will need longer term discussion and solution, namely the procedure for the case when a given release of a product is superseeded by a newer release of that product.

The first UMD update is being preparedby the end of the reported period, and will be release on the 1st of August.

Milestone MS409 has been produced and is now in it's final review stage:

Within Interoperability the Globus integration task force Globus_integration_task_force has been started (similar to the UNICORE integration task force) and work on MS 414 "Integrating Resources into the EGI Production Infrastructure" has begun.

One of the biggest issues with GOCDB UNICORE integration could be solved by implementing an alternative solution to enter ServiceEndPointURLs into GOCDB. After some bug reports all RFC 3986 chars can now be entered into the URL field. The first UNICORE services have been added to GOCDB. UNICORE SAM Nagios probes should be included in SAM Release 13 which has been shifted to August.

Globus SAM Nagios Probes have been included already by SAM Release 11.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Change of personal for global Task "Coordination of Interoperations between NGIs and with other DCIs" due to paternal leave in the next few quarters. The person taking over has been prepared over several months and has extensive experience with Grid Computing and Management. Some other people within the organization are hopefully understanding and helpful and will support him in this task if needed.
Some holding back of NGIs in early support of Globus. Some NGIs want others to go first and keep their Globus sites only national in the beginning until they are sure someone else has already found all the possible bugs. Unsure about a really good mitigation. Possible better communication about what already works can help. Maybe some further exceptions for the calculation of availability are needed, because people are very afraid that not yet 100% working sites will look bad in some statistics. And we should have a way to reward very active NGIs which are pushing the development forward and volunteer for EA positions, like Germany.
A middleware independent site wide information service (like a gLite site BDII) and a good plan for it seems to be missing Should be discussed at the TCB.
The large amount of products through the SW provisioning process implied a rather large workload on both the verifiers and early adopters, and sometines to a short time to test some products properly, specially when problems arise A longer time plan and schedule, with longer periods for the tests, will allow to do things more thouroghly. This planing is already being prepared.
Only a small fraction of EAs have participated in the tests. Continue to publicize the importance of early adoption

4. Plans for the next period

Software rollout:

  • Together with SA2, discuss and put into action a long term planning and schedule of UMD releases, as well as time-lines for the early adopters, and for the production sites, including a list of candidate products for each release.


  • Preparations for the EGI TF in Lyon.
  • Finalizing MS 414.
  • Deeper focus on Accounting with the outcome after the EMI Computeraccounting wg within the UNICORE and Globus integration task forces.