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=Quarterly Reports =
=Quarterly Reports =
* '''PY1''' Quarterly Reports: [ QR1] | [ QR2] | [ QR3] | [[ PY1 periodic report (SA1)|PY1 SA1 Periodic Report]] | [ PY1 Periodic Report]  
* Quarterly Reports: [ QR1] | [ QR2] | [ QR3] | [ Periodic Report]
* '''PY2''' Quarterly Reports: [ QR5] | [ QR6] | [ QR7] | [[ PY2 periodic report (SA1)|PY2 SA1 Periodic Report]] | [ PY2 Periodic Report]
* [[ PY1 periodic report (SA1)|SA1 Periodic Report]]
* '''PY3''' Quarterly Report: QR9
* Quarterly Reports: [ QR5] | [ QR6] | [ QR7] | [ Periodic Report]
* [[ PY2 periodic report (SA1)|SA1 Periodic Report]]
== PY3 ==
* Quarterly Report: QR9


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Activity Roadmaps



Activity roadmap for year 2011 (OMB approved, Jan 2011)

Milestones and Deliverables


Project Deliverables and Milestones

  • Complete list
  • Already released by quarter: list

Quarterly Reports


SA1 reports

Submit SA1 reports and metrics

Activity reports and metrics are collected on a quarterly basis from NGI/EIROs that are EGI-InSPIRE SA1 partners and from SA1 task leaders. The following pages provide instructions on how to submit a SA1 report. Note. Providing NGI reports and metrics is mandatory for EGI-InSPIRE SA1 partners.

Instructions for NGIs

The NGI is requested to provide both a written activity report (via wiki) and NGI-specific metrics. Starting from QR6, metrics will be collected on the Metrics Portal (see instructions below). This replaces the previous mechanism of supplying metrics via wiki.

Instructions for Task Leaders

SA1 task reports are provided by the respective task leader.

Assessment of Operational Services

NGI tasks

Global tasks

Effort Spent

Overview of the efforts spent by the EGI-InSPIRE partners in two different views:

  1. per task and per partner breakdown
  2. per member and per task breakdown

Call for topics: Technical Forum 2012

We are collecting feedback on topics for the Operations Track at the Technical Forum 2012. Please provide your feedback here.