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EGI-InSPIRE:Review process for deliverables and milestones

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The formal outputs from the project (milestones and deliverables) will pass through a formal review process. The review process is timed to ensure the output is available to the EC at the end of the project month (PM) that the material is due. Deliverable and milestone review forms are available from [1].

The review process is identical for milestones and deliverables except for:

  • Milestones are expected to have two reviews – from a reviewer and the moderator.
  • Deliverables are expected to have three reviews – from two reviewers and the moderator.

The reviewers are drawn (one from each of EGI’s functional areas not involved in its production) from EGI’s functional areas (i.e. Operations, User Community, Technology and Policy).

Other outputs from the project, such as documents that are not deliverables or milestones may use modified versions of the official document templates and are reviewed internally.

Roles in the review process

Deliverable and Milestone review workflow

Resource : EGI-InSPIRE EC review: Na1 Review Processes