EGI-InSPIRE:Quarter 8

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Document identifier Document title Deadline in PM Reviewer(s) Moderator)
D1.6 Gender Action Plan 22
MS114 Quarterly Report 22 AMB AMB
MS115 EGI Global Task Review 22
MS116 NGI International Task Review 22
MS117 Work of the Asia Pacific Region 22
MS224 Security Activity within EGI 22
MS510 EGI Platforms Roadmap 22
MS614 HUC Software Roadmap 22
MS708 CIC Operations Portal workplan 22
D1.7 Annual Report on Quality Status 23
D4.5 Annual Report on the EGI Production Infrastructure 23
D5.6 Annual Report on the status of Software Provisioning Activity and the Work of DMSU 23
D6.6 Annual Report on the HUC Tools and Services 23
D7.2 Annual Report on Operational Tool Maintenance and Development Activity 23
D2.14 Annual Report on EGI and its External Relations Activity 23
D1.8 Annual Project Report 24
D1.9 24
D2.15 24
D2.18 24
D2.30 24
D2.31 24
MS226 EGI User Forum 24 AMB
MS418 24
MS513 24