EGI-InSPIRE:Quarter 8

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Document identifier Document title Deadline in PM Reviewer(s) Moderator)
D1.6 Gender Action Plan 22 X X
D2.13 EGI Sustainability Plan 22 X X
MS115 EGI Global Task Review 22 X X
MS116 NGI International Task Review 22 X X
MS117 Work of the Asia Pacific Region 22 X X
MS224 Security Activity within EGI 22 X X
MS614 HUC Software Roadmap 22 X X
D1.7 Annual Report on Quality Status 23 X X
D2.14 Annual Report on EGI and its External Relations Activity 23 X X
D3.4 Annual Report on EGI's User Community Services 23 X X
D4.5 Annual Report on the EGI Production Infrastructure 23 X X
D5.6 Annual Report on the status of Software Provisioning Activity and the Work of DMSU 23 X X
D6.6 Annual Report on the HUC Tools and Services 23 X X
D7.2 Annual Report on Operational Tool Maintenance and Development Activity 23 X X
D1.8 Annual Project Report 24 X X
MS225 EGI Newsletter 24 X X
MS226 EGI User Forum 24 X X
MS227 Terms of reference and initial composition of the policy related groups within 24 X X