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EGI-InSPIRE:Plan 2013 SA1.6

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Assessment of progress in 2012

Completed Activities and Milestones

  • GGUS Report Generator
 The GGUS report generator was re-designed from scratch. Some fine tuning is still to be done.
  • xGUS instances
 Several new xGUS instances have been introduced: France Grilles, NGI_SI
  • High availability of GGUS
 Implemented HA solution for Web Front-ends
 Implemented HA solution for Logic Servers
 Implemented on call duty service integration
 Intrusion prevention system implemented
  • GGUS Interfaces with other ticketing systems
 Improved interface with CERN SNOW ticketing system
 Implemented interface with new French ticketing system
  • New VOs in GGUS,,,,,,
  • Mailing
 Migrated GGUS mail boxes to new mail infrastructure
 Review of VO specific mail boxes

Milestones not accomplished

Plans for 2013

  • GGUS Report Generator
 Some fine tuning is still to be done.
  • VOMS synchronization
 Restructuring VOMS synchronization for making it fail-safe.
  • GGUS Interfaces with other ticketing systems
 Interface for PRACE/MAPPER
 Interface for DANTE
  • Alarm process for central operations tools
 Implement alarm process for EGI central operations tools
  • Implementation of specific work flows for CSIRT/Security
 The CSIRT team is currently evaluating whether they want to use GGUS.
 If CSIRT will use GGUS the permissions and access rights schema needs to be adapted to their needs.