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EGI-InSPIRE:Plan 2012 SA1.4

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Assessment of progress, 2011

Migration from domain of EGI central tools to domain

Migration was successfully finalized on July 4th 2011 when the the decommission of domain was performed. Decommission did not cause problems to grid or operational tools or any external system. All EGI central tools are not using domain and list can be found on the following page: Tools.

Definition of operations procedures relevant for operations tools

Two procedures relevant for operational tools were approved at the Operations Management Board on March 15th 2011:

  • Adding new probes to SAM (PROC07)
  • Management of the EGI OPS Availability and Reliability Profile (PROC08)

One manual relevant for operational tools was presented at the Operations Management Board on July 26th 2011:

Plans for 2012