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* '''PAC Telephone Conference, 25 May 2012''' -  Read [https://documents.egi.eu/secure/ShowDocument?docid=1180 minutes]
* '''PAC Telephone Conference, 25 May 2012''' -  Read [https://documents.egi.eu/secure/ShowDocument?docid=1180 minutes]
* '''F2F at EGI CF, Munich 27 Mar 2012''' [https://documents.egi.eu/secure/RetrieveFile?docid=1082&version=1&filename=PAC_slides_munich.pdf '''Slides''']<br>
* '''F2F at EGI CF, Munich 27 Mar 2012''' [https://documents.egi.eu/secure/RetrieveFile?docid=1082&version=1&filename=PAC_slides_munich.pdf '''Slides''']<br>

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EGI-Engage Project Office: Contact details Contracts, Minutes Reimbursing procedures Project reporting Advance Payments Financial reports Project Administration Archive

The Project Administrative Committee (PAC)


  • Members list: full and short name, country, participant number (as in NEF)
  • Members and JRUs list: JRUs in bold are those with funding allocated (as in NEF)
  • Groups of Partners and Representative:
    • EGI.eu: Céline Bitoune
    • IBERGRID: Jorge Gomes LIP; deputy Isabel Campos
    • CE : CESNET, Jana Hrdličková or Iva Krejci
    • EIRO :
    • UK.IE.NL : Claire Devereux - STFC; Deputy Rossend Llurba - NCF
    • NBIS: Hank Nussbacher
    • SEE: RENAM Alexei Altuhov and GRNET Anna Loukakou
    • IT-RU: Laura Perini
    • FRRO: Mélanie Pellen, deputy Monica Anghel (ICI)
    • APGI: none
    • DACH: Wilhelm Bühler (NGI-DE) as representative and Simon Leinen (SwiNG) as deputy (changed on 2012-05-01)

During the PAC meeting, held in Amsterdam at the EGI TF, the members presents have agreed to use the same groupings than for the PMB representation (Project Management Board).
Though attendance of annual F2F meetings is strongly recommended for every partners and participation in the quarterly conference are also welcoming from every partners even though the representative of your grouping participates.

Pending action Partners: nominate a representative + deputy for each group

Mailing lists

(for update, please contact [Celine.bitoune@egi.eu])


  • PAC Telephone Conference, 25 May 2012 - Read minutes
  • F2F at EGI CF, Munich 27 Mar 2012 Slides
  • PAC F2F Meeting, LBZ, Garching - Read minutes
 Actions for Y2 Financial Statement:
1- Issue Guidelines for costs preparation
2- Provide template with a more detail financial report of Global tasks
  • Conf Call 22 Dec 2011 - Read minutes

  • EGI Forum in Vilnius: PAC meeting scheduled on 13 April 11h-12h30 - Financial surgery booth open during the event.
  • Teleconference Meeting 2: 10th December 2010, 10:00 CET: Agenda-Minutes
1- Request nominations for a representative and deputy per PMB grouping: Ongoing.
CD will chase outstanding partners
2- Report costs of audit certificates for JRU members to Celine: Ongoing.
Some received but not all
3- Remind all lead beneficiaries in January book auditors if appropriate
  • F2F at EGI Technical Forum 2010 in Amsterdam - Wednesday 15th Sept from 14:00 - 15:30
Minutes; Questions & Answers
Collaboration Board: Minutes-CB-16-9-2010
Pending action Partners: Report costs of audit certificates for JRU members to Celine