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This page provides links to the EGI-InSPIRE SA1 Quarterly Reports.

NGI acronym Partner name NGI Metrics (QR1-QR5 only! You are not requested to fill this column starting from QR6, use the Metrics Portal instead) QR1 QR2 QR3 QR4 QR5 QR6 QR7 QR8 QR9 QR10 QR11 QR12 QR13 QR14 QR15 QR16
Albania UPT Albania-UPT Metrics Albania-QR3 Albania-QR4 Albania-QR5 Albania-QR6 Albania-QR7 Albania-QR8 Albania-QR9 Albania-QR10 Albania-QR11 Albania-QR12 Albania-QR13 Albania-QR14 Albania-QR15 Albania-QR16
Armenia IIAP NAS RA Armenia-IIAP-NAS-RA Metrics Armenia-QR3 Armenia-QR4 Armenia-QR5 Armenia-Q6 Armenia-QR7 Armenia-QR8 Armenia-QR9 Armenia-QR10 Armenia-QR11 Armenia-QR12 Armenia-QR13 Armenia-QR14 Armenia-QR15 Armenia-QR16
Belarus UIIP NASB Belarus UIIP NASB Belarus-QR3 Belarus-QR4 Belarus-QR5 Belarus-Q6 Belarus-QR7 Belarus-QR8 Belarus-QR9 Belarus-QR10 Belarus-QR11 Belarus-QR12 Belarus-QR13 Belarus-QR14 Belarus-QR15 Belarus-QR16
Bulgaria IPP_BAS Buglaria IPP_BAS Bulgaria-QR3 Bulgaria-QR4 Bulgaria-QR5 Bulgaria-QR6 Bulgaria-QR7 Bulgaria-QR8 Bulgaria-QR9 Bulgaria-QR10 Bulgaria-QR11 Bulgaria-QR12 Bulgaria-QR13 Bulgaria-QR14 Bulgaria-QR15 Bulgaria-QR16
Bosnia H. UOBL ETF Bosnia H. UOBL ETF Metrics BosniaH-QR3 Bosnia-QR4 Bosnia-QR5 Bosnia-QR5 Bosnia-QR7 Bosnia-QR8 Bosnia-QR9 Bosnia-QR10 Bosnia-QR11 Bosnia-QR12 Bosnia-QR13 Bosnia-QR14 Bosnia-QR15 Bosnia-QR16
Croatia SRCE Croatia-SRCE Metrics Croatia-QR3 Croatia-QR4 Croatia-QR5 Croatia-QR6 Croatia-QR7 Croatia-QR8 Croatia-QR9 Croatia-QR10 Croatia-QR11 Croatia-QR12 Croatia-QR13 Croatia-QR14 Croatia-QR15 Croatia-QR16
Cyprus UCY Cyprus-UCY Metrics Cyprus-QR3 Cyprus-QR4 Cyprus-QR5 Cyprus-QR6 Cyprus-QR7 Cyprus-QR8 Cyprus-QR9 Cyprus-QR10 Cyprus-QR11 Cyprus-QR12 Cyprus-QR13 Cyprus-QR14 Cyprus-QR15 Cyprus-QR16
Czech Rep. CESNET Czech Rep.-CESNET Metrics Czech Rep-QR3 Czech Rep-QR4 Czech Rep-QR5 Czech Rep-QR6 Czech Rep-QR7 Czech Rep-QR8 Czech Rep-QR9 Czech Rep-QR10 Czech Rep-QR11 Czech Rep-QR12 Czech Rep-QR13 Czech Rep-QR14 Czech Rep-QR15 Czech Rep-QR16
Denmark UCPH Denmark-UCPH Metrics Denmark-QR3 Denmark-QR4 Denmark-QR5 Denmark-QR6 Denmark-QR7 Denmark-QR8 Denmark-QR9 Denmark-QR10 Denmark-QR11 Denmark-QR12 Denmark-QR13 Denmark-QR14 Denmark-QR15 Denmark-QR16
Finland CSC Finland-CSC metrics Finland-QR3 FInland-QR4 FInland-QR5 Finland-QR6 Finland-QR7 Finland-QR8 Finland-QR9 Finland-QR10 Finland-QR11 Finland-QR12 Finland-QR13 Finland-QR14 Finland-QR15 Finland-QR16
France CNRS France-CNRS France-QR3 France-QR4 France-QR5 France-QR6 France-QR7 France-QR8 France-QR9 France-QR10 France-QR11 France-QR12 France-QR13 France-QR14 France-QR15 France-QR16
Georgia GRENA Georgia-GRENA Metrics Georgia-QR3 Georgia-QR4 Georgia-QR5 Georgia-QR6 Georgia-QR7 Georgia-QR8 Georgia-QR9 Georgia-QR10 Georgia-QR11 Georgia-QR12 Georgia-QR13 Georgia-QR14 Georgia-QR15 Georgia-QR16
Germany KIT Germany-KIT Metrics <Q1_value> <Q2_value> Germany-QR3 Germany-QR4 Germany-QR5 Germany-QR6 Germany-QR7 Germany-QR8 Germany-QR9 Germany-QR10 Germany-QR11 Germany-QR12 Germany-QR13 Germany-QR14 Germany-QR15 Germany-QR16
Greece GRNET Greece-GRNET Metrics Greece-QR3 Greece-QR4 Greece-QR5 Greece-QR6 Greece-QR7 Greece-QR8 Greece-QR9 Greece-QR10 Greece-QR11 Greece-QR12 Greece-QR13 Greece-QR14 Greece-QR15 Greece-QR16
Hungary MTA KFKI Hungary-MTA-KFKI Metrics <Q1_value> <Q2_value> Hungary-QR3 Hungary-QR4 Hungary-QR5 Hungary-QR6 Hungary-QR7 Hungary-QR8 Hungary-QR9 Hungary-QR10 Hungary-QR11 Hungary-QR12 Hungary-QR13 Hungary-QR14 Hungary-QR15 Hungary-QR16
Ibergrid (Portugal and Spain) LIP/CSIC Portugal/LIP Metrics Spain/CSIC Metrics Ibergrid-QR3 Ibergrid-QR4 Ibergrid-QR5 Ibergrid-QR6 Ibergrid-QR7 Ibergrid-QR8 Ibergrid-QR9 Ibergrid-QR10 Ibergrid-QR11 Ibergrid-QR12 Ibergrid-QR13 Ibergrid-QR14 Ibergrid-QR15 Ibergrid-QR16
Ireland TCD Ireland-TCD Metrics Ireland-QR3 Ireland-QR4 Ireland-QR5 Ireland-QR6 Ireland-QR7 Ireland-QR8 Ireland-QR9 Ireland-QR10 Ireland-QR11 Ireland-QR12 Ireland-QR13 Ireland-QR14 Ireland-QR15 Ireland-QR16
Israel IUCC Israel-IUCC Metrics Israel-QR3 Israel-QR4 Israel-QR5 Israel-QR6 Israel-QR7 Israel-QR8 Israel-QR9 Israel-QR10 Israel-QR11 Israel-QR12 Israel-QR13 Israel-QR14 Israel-QR15> Israel-QR16
Italy INFN Italy-INFN Metrics Italy-QR3 Italy-QR4 Italy-QR5 Italy-QR6 Italy-QR7 Italy-QR8 Italy-QR9 Italy-QR10 Italy-QR11 Italy-QR12 Italy-QR13 Italy-QR14 Italy-QR15 Italy-QR16
Latvia IMCS-UL Latvia-IMCS-UL Metrics Latvia-QR3 Latvia-QR4 Latvia-QR5 Latvia-QR6 Latvia-QR7 Latvia-QR8 Latvia-QR9 Latvia-QR10 Latvia-QR11 Latvia-QR12 Latvia-QR13 Latvia-QR14 Latvia-QR15 Latvia-QR16
Lithuania VU Lithuania-VU Metrics Lithuania-QR3 Lithuania-QR4 Lithuania-QR5 Lithuania-QR6 Lithuania-QR7 Lithuania-QR8 Lithuania-QR9 Lithuania-QR10 Lithuania-QR11 Lithuania-QR12 Lithuania-QR13 Lithuania-QR14 Lithuania-QR15 Lithuania-QR16
FYR of Macedonia UKIM Macedonia-UKIM Metrics Macedonia-QR3 Macedonia-QR4 Macedonia-QR5 Macedonia-QR6 Macedonia-QR7 Macedonia-QR8 Macedonia-QR9 Macedonia-QR10 Macedonia-QR11 Macedonia-QR12 Macedonia-QR13 Macedonia-QR14 Macedonia-QR15 Macedonia-QR16
Moldova RENAM Moldova-RENAM Metrics Moldova-QR3 Moldova-QR4 Moldova-QR5 Moldova-QR6 Moldova-QR7 Moldova-QR8 Moldova-QR9 Moldova-QR10 Moldova-QR11 Moldova-QR12 Moldova-QR13 Moldova-QR14 Moldova-QR15 Moldova-QR16
Montenegro UOM Montenegro-UOM Metrics Montenegro-QR3 Montenegro-QR4 Montenegro-QR5 Montenegro-QR6 Montenegro-QR7 Montenegro-QR8 Montenegro-QR9 Montenegro-QR10 Montenegro-QR11 Montenegro-QR12 Montenegro-QR13 Montenegro-QR14 Montenegro-QR15 Montenegro-QR16
Netherlands NCF Netherlands-NCF Metrics Netherlands-QR3 Netherlands-QR4 Netherlands-QR5 Netherlands-QR6 Netherlands-QR7 Netherlands-QR8 Netherlands-QR9 Netherlands-QR10 Netherlands-QR11 Netherlands-QR12 Netherlands-QR13 Netherlands-QR14 Netherlands-QR15 Netherlands-QR16
Norway SIGMA Norway-SIGMA Metrics Norway-QR3 Norway-QR4 Norway-QR5 Norway-QR6 Norway-QR7 Norway-QR8 Norway-QR9 Norway-QR10 Norway-QR11 Norway-QR12 Norway-QR13 Norway-QR14 Norway-QR15 Norway-QR16
Poland CYFRONET Poland-CYFRONET Metrics Poland-QR3 Poland-QR4 Poland-QR5 Poland-QR6 Poland-QR7 Poland-QR8 Poland-QR9 Poland-QR10 Poland-QR11 Poland-QR12 Poland-QR13 Poland-QR14 Poland-QR15 Poland-QR16
Romania ICI Romania-ICI Metrics Romania-QR3 Romania-QR4 Romania-QR5 Romania-QR6 Romania-QR7 Romania-QR8 Romania-QR9 Romania-QR10 Romania-QR11 Romania-QR12 Romania-QR13 Romania-QR14 Romania-QR15 Romania-QR16
Russia Russia Russia Metrics Russia-QR3 Russia-QR4 Russia-QR5 Russia-QR6 Russia-QR7 Russia-QR8 Russia-QR9 Russia-QR10 Russia-QR11 Russia-QR12 Russia-QR13 Russia-QR14 Russia-QR15 Russia-QR16
Serbia IPB/AEGIS Serbia-IPB_AEGIS Metrics Serbia-QR3 Serbia-QR4 Serbia-QR5 Serbia-QR6 Serbia-QR7 Serbia-QR8 Serbia-QR9 Serbia-QR10 Serbia-QR11 Serbia-QR12 Serbia-QR13 Serbia-QR14 Serbia-QR15 Serbia-QR16
Slovakia UI SAV Slovakia-UI-SAV Metrics Slovakia-QR3 Slovakia-QR4 Slovakia-QR5 Slovakia-QR6 Slovakia-QR7 Slovakia-QR8 Slovakia-QR9 Slovakia-QR10 Slovakia-QR11 Slovakia-QR12 Slovakia-QR13 Slovakia-QR14 Slovakia-QR15 Slovakia-QR16
Slovenia ARNES Slovenia-ARNES Metrics Slovenia-QR3 Slovenia-QR4 Slovenia-QR5 Slovenia-QR6 Slovenia-QR7 Slovenia-QR8 Slovenia-QR9 Slovenia-QR10 Slovenia-QR11 Slovenia-QR12 Slovenia-QR13 Slovenia-QR14 Slovenia-QR15 Slovenia-QR16
Sweden VR-SNIC Sweden-VR-SNIC Metrics Sweden-QR3 Sweden-QR4 Sweden-QR5 Sweden-QR6 Sweden-QR7 Sweden-QR8 Sweden-QR9 Sweden-QR10 Sweden-QR11 Sweden-QR12 Sweden-QR13 Sweden-QR14 Sweden-QR15 Sweden-QR16
Switzerland SWITCH Switzerland-SWITCH Metrics Switzerland-QR3 Switzerland-QR4 Switzerland-QR5 Switzerland-QR6 Switzerland-QR7 Switzerland-QR8 Switzerland-QR9 Switzerland-QR10 Switzerland-QR11 Switzerland-QR12 Switzerland-QR13 Switzerland-QR14 Switzerland-QR15 Switzerland-QR16
Turkey TUBITAK Turkey-TUBITAK Metrics Turkey-QR3 Turkey-QR4 Turkey-QR5 Turkey-QR6 Turkey-QR7 Turkey-QR8 Turkey-QR9 Turkey-QR10 Turkey-QR11 Turkey-QR12 Turkey-QR13 Turkey-QR14 Turkey-QR15 Turkey-QR16
United King. STFC UK-STFC Metrics UK-QR3 UK-QR4 UK-QR5 UK-QR6 UK-QR7 UK-QR8 UK-QR9 UK-QR10 UK-QR11 UK-QR12 UK-QR13 UK-QR14 UK-QR15 UK-QR16
Asia Pacific ASGC Asia-Pacific-ASGC Metrics