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Technical Forum 2011, Lyon, France


The purpose of this page is to keep track of details to be organised for the User Community Support Team's participation at Technical Forum 2011 in Lyon, France. In particular, this page will cover activities and requirements for the UCST booth at the Forum. Coordination lead: R McLennan - inputs and proposals should be forwarded to and Cc'd to

Poster templates, PPT Presentation etc

Posters to be submitted for display at separate display area? Dissemination team to advise. Posters to be mounted on all booth walls - other display material to be considered on application to UCST. Participants wishing to prepare posters, flyers or stand-alone presentations are encouraged to use one of's preformatted templates which can be found in the web pages at:


NA3 partners are also encouraged to contribute slides for presentations, brochures etc that will serve as backdrops or demonstrations throughout the exhibition. It has not been possible to upload a copy of the draft presentation into these pages but please post any inputs you may have to and we will endeavour to incorporate your slides to the briefing.

Viviene Li to advise on required lead time for production of posters and brochures.

The following posters should be reviewed by authors or developed from new:

- AppDB - 1 x A0 size poster plus 50 copies in A4

- VO Services - 1 x A0 size poster plus 50 copies in A4

- UCST - Requirements Process - 1 x A0 plus 50 A4

- Training Marketplace - 1 x A0 plus 50 A4

- SA3 Material to be considered:



Any further contributions will be willingly considered for printing as time permits.

Demonstrations, Videos and 'How to' Guides

This section is intended as a working area for suggestions and a checklist for video opportunities, demos and guides that we may have for the Forum. These were discussed at various meetings and Tele-Conferences prior to the User Forum 2011 and as such should form the starting point for the Technical Forum. Nevertheless, although some considerable effort was put into creating Presentations to use as a backdrop during UF2011, there was little opportunity to use these presentations to gain influence over visitors. We need to consider more fully what 'effect' we hope to achieve and how we will set about achieving it.

The training Marketplace needs to be advertised robustly. We need both a screened demonstration of the website, and a campaign to engage with ALL visitors/ as many visitors as possible and gain their contact details for use in due course.

- 1 Training Marketplace (Claire Devereux)

- 2

FAQs or Difficult Questions

We should be prepared to answer a range of questions and in particular, we should anticipate having to substantiate any claims we have made in any of our posters, slides, brochures etc. Questions and answers should be added in this section such that once read and 'correctly' answered, any of us should be able to respond if left on our own in the booth. Please either add your input here or mail to

1. AppsDB FAQs[[2]]



Equipment needed

- In this section you (the proposer) should add any item you think you would want to have available at the booth, ie this is your Statement of Requirements

- Stand for A4 posters

- white octanorm panels/walls; Booth (3m x 2m)? with three walls, adjacent to EGI booth;

- Electric power (220 V);

- 2 spotlights;

- 2 table and 2 chairs; Table cloths that extend from Floor level front to rear of table.

- fascia with company name (up to 20 letters);

- carpeting;

- Internet: Wireless

- fixed Laptop/computer to run presentations, screencasts and demos (from Dissem Team);

- LCD screen (Ø 17; 19);

- 42 in TV display on stand;

- 1 extension leads.

- Glass bowl of sweets

- EGI post cards and business cards

Equipment provided

- Once Booth Requirements are formally accepted by the organisers, UCST will populate this section with details of what is expected to be made available:

Digital media & physical material
Demo - ?
Poster - Brochures - Overview of User Community Services; Screen cast - ?
Business cards - ?
Stands - ?
Slides - ?
Presentations - ?

Demo - ?
Poster - ?
Brochure - AppDb brochure
Screen cast - Using the AppDb
Business cards - ?
Slides - ?
Presentations - ?

VO Services
Demo - ?
Poster - ?
Screen cast - ?
Business cards - ?

Training Services
Demo - ?
Screen cast - ?
Business cards - ?
Slides - ?
Presentations - ?

Services for the Heavy User Communities - SA3
Demos - ?
Poster -
Brochure - ?
Screen cast -
Business cards - ?
Slides - ?
Presentations - ?


People attending UF2011.
Steve Brewer
Gergely Sipos
Richard McLennan
Nuno Ferreira
Karolis Eigelis

Marios Chatziangelou
William Vasilis Karageorgos

VO Services
Ignacio Blanquer
Gonçalo Borges
Jorge Gomez

Training Services
Claire Devereux

Services for the Heavy User Communities - SA3
Jamie Shiers

Feedback Forms

Experience at UF11 showed that feedback forms are unpopular and thus there needs to be dedicated management if they are to be a successful vehicle for data collection. Online feedback forms were largely ignored and perhaps hard copy forms might prove more effective.

Workshops (on-line)