EGI-InSPIRE:Milestone review timetable

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Time before submission State in AMB RT Queue Material
6 weeks ToC Document skeleton created and first version of the document with the table of contents entered into the document
4 weeks Draft A full draft is available in the repository that has been reviewed within the activity
4 weeks Review A review led by a moderator and one reviewer using the document comments form has been completed and responded to by the document authors. This may take multiple cycles.
2 weeks AMB Review Document starts being reviewed by the AMB
1 week PMB Review Document starts being reviewed by the PMB
Deadline With EC A clean version of the document is in the document repository

The review is led by a member of the AMB from an activity that is not producing the document. One reviewer is drawn from the function of EGI (i.e. Operations, User Community, Technology or Policy) that is identified as a consumer of the work, that is not involved in its production.