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The following table defines the metrics for the the SA2 activity. It is the direct input to the relevant management deliverables (i.e. D1.1, D1.5, etc.).

Metric ID Metric Public/
Task Explanation
M.SA2-1 Number of software components recorded in the UMD Roadmap P TSA2.1
M.SA2-2 UMD Roadmap Capabilities coverage with Quality Criteria P TSA2.2 Expresses the coverage of UMD Capabilities with Quality Criteria. Value is given in percent.
M.SA2-3 Number of software incidents found in production that result in changes to quality criteria P TSA2.2 Indicates how good the quality criteria are – what is slipping through into staged rollout and production that could be caught? Only incidents that are investigated with post mortems are counted, not ordinary bugs.
M.SA2-4 Number of quality related issues that result in changes to quality criteria. I TSA2.2 Measures the activity and communication flow between TSA2.2 and its input sources as defined in the Wiki.
M.SA2-5 Number of new Product releases validated against defined criteria P TSA2.3 Measures the workload on the validation team
M.SA2-6 Mean time taken to validate a Product release P TSA2.3 Indicates how responsive the team is to validating releases
M.SA2-7 Number of Product releases failing validation P TSA2.3 Indicates the quality assurance process of the software providers
M.SA2-8 Number of new releases contributed into the Software Repository from all types of software providers P TSA2.4 Records how actively is the repository used by software providers in the community
M.SA2-9 Number of unique visitors to the Software Repository P TSA2.4 Records the visibility of the repository front-end to the community through Google Analytics
M.SA2-10 Number of unique visits to the Repository backend P TSA2.4 Records how actively the software repository is being used by the community in terms of visits.
M.SA2-11 Number of tickets assigned to DMSU P TSA2.5 Demonstrates use of DMSU
M.SA2-12 Mean time to resolve DMSU tickets P TSA2.5 Demonstrates effectiveness of DMSU for resolving tickets

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