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Introduction to MTF Phase 2

For additions, deletions and changes to this page please pass your proposals to/coordinate with Krzysztof Kurowski <>

This EGI Wiki section constitutes the working Wiki through which MAPPER, PRACE and EGI InSPIRE projects will coordinate the activities for Phase 2 of the jointly formed MAPPER-PRACE-EGI Task Force (MTF). This page is administered on a day to day basis by EGI (Tiziana Ferarri).

All MTF members have a responsibility to contribute to the information recorded in these pages so as to help compile as full a picture as possible.


The goals of the MTF Phase 2 are ..... to be provided.

MTF Clarification documents & messages (Phase 2 Jan 2012 to ......)

This section of the MAPPER MTF Phase 2 Wiki contains links to documents that minute key actions, instructions and decisions that have been recorded during discussions and meetings.

  • Expressions of Interest for PRACE Programme Access for the MAPPER Project - (undated document).


The MTF has been resourced for 6 months, ie the MTF should conclude its work by the end of November. Key dates are set out beneath:

Date Activity Remarks
10 Jan 2012 Tasking meeting of partners MAPPER/PRACE/SARA/PSNC/CINECA
13 Jan 2012 Bi-weekly PRACE Videoconf
End of May 2012 Internal evaluation of MAPPER Core components Giuseppe/Jules
dd mmm 2012
dd mmm 2012
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