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This EGI Wiki Page constitutes a working document through which MAPPER, PRACE and EGI InSPIRE projects will coordinate the activities of a jointly formed MAPPER-PRACE-EGI Task Force (MTF). The page will be administered on a day to day basis by EGI - Richard McLennan. All MTF members have a responsibility to contribute to the information recorded in these pages so as to help compile as full a picture as possible.

The MAPPER project (Multiscale APPlications on EuRopean e-infrastructures) aims to deploy a computational science environment for distributed multiscale computing, on and across European e-infrastructures. In order to further the project’s aim, MAPPER has initiated a collaboration with PRACE (PaRtnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) and with EGI InSPIRE (Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe). During an initial meeting between the 3 project teams held in May 2011, it was determined that as a first step, 2 applications should be integrated over the forthcoming 6 months to perform distributed multiscale computing and thus be used to promote the projects; the selected applications cover in 'stent restenosis' and 'nano material science'. The coordination of activities relevant to this collaboration will be performed via an expressly formed Task Force comprising specialists from each of the 3 organisations.


  • MAPPER Project: At a practical level, the MAPPER Project Aim is for the MTF to deliver 2 distributed multiscale computing applications as sustainable ‘services’ to ??which customers?? by 1 Dec 2011.
  • EGI, MAPPER, PRACE Projects: There is an implicit desired strategic effect of this work which is to further ‘Promote’ the ‘sustainable services’ that are collectively delivered by the 3 participating projects.


The MTF has been resourced for 6 months, ie the MTF should conclude its work by the end of November. Key dates are set out beneath:

Date Remarks Provider
13 May 11 Initial meeting of partners MAPPER/PRACE/EGI
1 Jun 11 Formation of Task Force
21 June 11 Informal gathering at ISC11 in Hamburg MAPPER/PRACE - EGI to connect via telcon?
Agree desired outcome/effect – Activity Aims MAPPER/PRACE/EGI
Clarify all requirements - develop/agree Statement of Requirements
Report initial findings
4-6 Jul 11 ??? Meeting in Cracow What meeting?
Evaluation phase starts
Report further recommendations
30 Nov 11 Task Force concludes
Present MAPPER application requirements to PRACE & EGI InSPIRE
May 2012 potential PRACE User Forum Derek Groen (UCL-MAPPER) to represent.

Composition of MTF – Roles and Responsibilities:

The activity to be undertaken via the MTF will ultimately have a wide impact throughout the communities of computation and scientific research and as such, there will need to be a clear understanding of a number of organisational issues: who defines what is required, who provides the budget/resources, who authorises changes, who manages day to day work and who defines the standards to be met. Answers to these questions will emerge as planning progresses.

In the first instance, the MTF is to be made up from members of each of the 3 participating Projects and will also include expert representatives from the 2 selected Applications. During the course of the investigation the MTF will necessarily call on additional support from within each of the Projects but this should be merely for the provision of expert technical information and clarification. Details of MTF members and key personalities are listed beneath.

Outline Description of Work

A Task Force normally carries out an initial assessment of an existing situation, identifying relevant problem issues such that they can be prioritised and so that potential solutions and courses of action can be appropriately formulated. The initial MAPPER/PRACE/EGI InSPIRE inter-project meeting of 13 May 2011 identified, in broad terms, the area that is to be focussed on and the need for a MAPPER Task Force to take the work forwards. The area to focus on was stated to be the integration of 2 specific applications that will demonstrate ‘distributed multiscale computing’ through the coupling of ‘PRACE-type systems’ with an ‘EGI type machine’ and a ‘local’ machine. Four general areas of activity were defined – these can be considered parallel activities rather than sequential though there are likely to be dependencies: