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Operational Tools SHA2 Support Status


Adding some useful info for other PTs about how to get a SHA2 cert and the CA certs for testing (originally via P.Solagna via D.Groep):

The easiest is to get an instant SHA2 test certificate from CILogon, using their (unaccredited) OpenID provider like Google:

and select "Google" from the list of IdPs. After signing in to Google and typing in a password, you can download a pkcs#12 file with your new certificate and private key (you have ~ 2min to do this). To get the conventional usercert.pem and userkey.pem, use openssl:

 openssl pkcs12 -in myfile.p12 -info -out usercert.pem -nokeys  openssl pkcs12 -in myfile.p12 -info -out userkey.pem -nocerts  chmod 0600 userkey.pem

and give your passphrase a few times ;-) You can install the unaccredited OpenID CA just like the other IGTF CAs, but from the experimental repository:


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