EGI-InSPIRE:JRA1 IPv6 Readiness

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EGI-JRA1 Tools IPv6 Readiness

Accounting and Metrics Portals at CESGA

ipv6 migration at cesga for the infrastructure should be completed

there are no reason for the portals for being not compliant, but official  tests were not performed

ok to participate to a  testbed if created within EGI


In principle is ok, more investigation with network experts are needed


-          clients have had their code checked within EMI activities. 

-          repository: unknown. RAL site which hosts is not yet supporting IPv6, more details after investigation with the experts

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Both have dependency on broker network.


Not IPv6 capable at the moment, more details after investigation with the experts


-          Probes: it’s up to EMI, we should investigate with them

-          SAM side: apache is ipv6 compliant, nagios is compliant, strong dependence with messaging see next point


Broker services are not compliant, both at an infrastructure level and at a sw level. SW compliance should be requested to EMI, infrastructure can be fixed


Ops Portal

The sw should compatible, but no official tests were made on the topic

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