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Quarterly Report Number NGI Name Partner Name Author
QR10 IGI INFN P. Veronesi
QR10 IGI GARR M. Reale



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
1-3.10.2012 Bologna V site managers school 20 people web site event (in italian)


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
17-21.09.2012 Prague EGI Technical Forum 2012 Participation (around 12 people) in SA1 meetings, presentations and demos web site event


Publication title Journal / Proceedings title Journal references
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2.1. Progress Summary

2.1.1. GARR  

Plans for next period

2.1.2. INFN  

Migration activity

  • Core Grid services provided by NGI_IT have been upgraded to EMI-1 or EMI-2.
  • The migration activity of the Sites is still ongoing. Twelve sites are still publishing gLite services, mainly because of well known VO-specific issues or directives (DPM, VOBOX, …); anyway all of them have properly replied to the corresponding COD tickets, providing a schedule for their upgrades.

Resource centers changes

  • One Resource center closed (SISSA-Trieste).
  • Two Resource centers certified (BIOCOMP, INAF-TS).

IGI portal

  • We have developed a new plugin for the IGI portal, in order to make easier the data management task to the Grid end user.
  • We have developed specific interfaces for some application
  • We are working on storage solution for providing storage services (Grid/Cloud) for scientific gateway
  • We are working on cloud solution integration in the portal

New National Certification Authority

  • Improvements in the design of the IGI on line CA, preparation of the needed certificate profiles and setup of a first test environment with all the final elements foreseen in the architecture (CA,Myproxy server,public frontend etc..).
  • Preparation of the CP/CPS document of the ROOT-CA and for the OnLine CA. A first draft of the CP/CPS document needed for the EUGridPMA accreditation has been prepared and discussed.
  • Test of the Hardware Security Module for the IGI online CA with the CA management software that will be used in the production system
  • Setup of a test instance for the future IGI Certification Authority. A new software has been tested to implement the CA management.


  • HLR 4.0 has been released
  • Contribution to the First draft of the OGF Usage Record 2.0

Cloud pilot infrastructure

  • A cloud infrastructure prototype, based on the open source software OpenStack, has been set up. The main OpenStack components have been installed and tested: identity service, image repository, compute node, object storage and dashboard.


  • Routine activity concerning the follow up and support to the sites for the critical vulnerability handling. In particular some extra effort has been put for the recent dismission of the gLite 3.1 and 3.2 middleware distributions.

Ticketing System

  • Maintenance and evolution of the XOOPS/XHELP ticketing system. In particular, some changes on the code was necessary after the modification of the GGUS SOAP interface.

2.2. Main Achievements

2.2.1. GARR

  • Tested in a preliminar way CREAM CE and DPM using IPv6 in 4 different network configurations. Set up workload components services in the IPv6 testbed. Started structuring a global IPv6 testbed for EGI. Restructured and made more usable the whole IPv6 wiki.
  • HINTS further consolidated. Discussions with pS-MDM team on possible integration of probes still on going.

2.2.2. INFN

  • Started in October the TPM and DMSU merge, the INFN effort is in the following activities: Triage & assignment and 1st/2nd Level Support
  • IGI Portal ( is now accessible for all communities part of eduGAIN federation.
  • SR performed during this quarter (according with the plot provided by Mario David):
    • EMI.cream.sl6.x86_64-1.14.1
    • EMI.amga.sl6.x86_64-2.3.0
    • EMI.mpi.sl5.x86_64-1.3.0
    • EMI.wms.sl5.x86_64
  • CVMFS server is now available for VO.
  • New sites Certified: BIOCOMP and INAF-TS
  • Installation of a new HLR for GRISU sites
  • Accounting data are sent to the accounting database through message passing interface
  • Setup of VO Nagios with custom probes for WeNMR VO.
  • A cloud insfrastructure prototype is available (internal users)
  • As a part of the Training and Dissemination activities of the EGI CSIRT group, we helped to organize the security hands-on at the EGI 2012 TF in Prague.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
INFN: Discovered some issues related to the Input Sandbox on the WMS. reduced the ISB size on the configuration. Tickets GGUS 87533 and GGUS 87429
INFN: Update of some of the EMI 2 WMS GGUS 87774 update delayed
GARR: Need to clarify relationship with CERN site and further integrate sites into the global testbed. Need to dig into the issue of LRMS not working using IPv6.