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Content guidelines

All documents will be written in English and use document formats described in the following section. In addition to the fields and sections already described in the document template, deliverables must include an Executive Summary and, if required, one or more Annexes. References to external document and a Glossary to terms not listed on the website must be recorded. The correct capitalisation of the project name is EGI-InSPIRE. English date format must be used (DD/MM/YYYY) when required.

All output from the project (paper or presentation) must include the phrase:

EGI-InSPIRE is a project co-funded by the European Commission as a combination of a collaborative projects (CP) and coordination and support actions (CSA) within the 7th Framework Programme under contract INFSO-RI-261323.

unless the output is using one of the recognised project templates where appropriate acknowledgements are already included.

Formats and tools

The following tools and formats will be recognised within the project:

  • Word Processing: ‘Word 97-2003 Format’ allowing its use on MS Office on Windows/Mac and OpenOffice on Linux
  • Spreadsheet: ‘Excel 97-2003 Format’ allowing the use of MS Office on Windows/Mac.
  • Presentation: ‘Powerpoint 97-2003 Format’ allowing the use of MS Office on Windows/Mac.

Final version of all formal documents (milestones and deliverables) must be available in PDF format.