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11 NGI_CZ CESNET Miroslav Ruda


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2.1. Progress Summary

Regular maintenance of national SAM Nagios, VO Nagios, TopBDII. Regular maintenance of WMS, LB, VOMS, UI, MyProxy services provided for Auger and VOCE VOs. We moved from regional instance of operations portal to the central instance. Continuous migration from EMI to EMI2.

Migration of the central MySQL server (used by LFC, MON box and CREAM CEs) to the more powerful hw. Installation of the new production VOMS server for voce, meta, mpi, auger and VOs,

Migration of VO auger critical central services (LFC, MySQL db, VOMS) managed with minimal downtimes. Preparation of file list for migration of about 2 million files from a decommissioned SE. Tests of services after change of the VOMS server certificate.

Continued in regular involvement in the EGI CSIRT, regularly attending weekly/monthly phone conferences and taking weekly shifts. We actively participated in the current campaign to remove unsupported grid middleware from the EGI.

2.2. Main Achievements

Installation of new worker nodes cluster at prague_cesnet_lcg2 site, 12 machines with 32 logical CPUs and 64GB RAM each, running SL6 and EMI2 version of middleware, with total capacity 4026 HEP-SPEC06. The cluster entered production 24.1.2013.

Installation of new servers hosting NGI/VO services as virtual hosts and migration of some of the core services to these new hosts, setup allows higher fault tolerance, better load balancing.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Change of VOMS server certificate caused interruption of many services, because the new certificate was issued by a different CA. Even many local services were affected due to mistakes in configuration which were exposed after rerunning of

the yaim configurator.

One of the VOMS servers randomly returns error when new voms-proxy should be signed. The issue is currently under investigation by the DMSU suport unit (GGUS ticket #90547). The VOMS service is functional, temporary solution is to ask the VOMS server several times.