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Contractual documents

  • DoW V215 updated following merge of NA2 and NA3 applicable from November 1st, 2011 - amemdment process submitted 23/05/12. EC acceptance letter
  • CA table updated version May 2012(DoW V215, amended from Nov 1st)
  • Consortium Agreement (Agreement signed between Partners, including the contractual efforts and budget tables)
  • DoW (Description of Work)

=== Project Reimbursement procedures === holds a budget to provide support for unfunded members of the new user communities and unfunded partners (primarily those in the ICPC, USA and Asia Pacific) to attend major EGI-InSPIRE events. It is also available to support the engagement of funded project partners that represent small or emerging NGIs,under certain conditions and after validation of the project Director.

The reimbursement is based on a lump sum for expenses and only available for external staff such as: • visitors, • speakers, • participants of EGi-InSPIRE project.

The amount of the lump sum includes 3 components, a travel component, a subsistence component and a registration component. All three being refunded distinctly and considering the geographical location of the external traveller as follows: - Asia: 1000 travel + (100 subsistence+ 100 registration)*5 days - USA: 500 travel + (100 subsistence+ 100 registration)*5 days - EU: 250 travel + (100 subsistence+ 100 registration)*5 days

The weekly compensation cannot exceed 1250€ for business trip within Europe, 1500€ for a business trip from the US and 2000 € for a business trip from Asia.

The travelers shall use reimbursement form (Appendix IV) stating the agreed lump sum, as per contract. Clear guidelines to the travelers shall be sent prior to the trip (see also Appendix V)

Principle concerning the lump sum reimbursement

General principle concerning the lump sum reimbursement: • Lump sum reimbursement can only apply to reimburse external people in the frame of an EC funded contract when has been allocated the funds specifically to do so. • The reimbursement is not made pursuant to a detailed list of the expenses, although it requires proof that the trip has happened and the meeting or conference has been attended. Supporting documents are: invitation letter, boarding passes, conference registration receipt, signed attendees list if available; • The lump sum reimbursements includes a flight cost reimbursement, a day compensation (subsistence, hotel and public transport), and a registration compensation (if needed to attend the meeting). • The lump sum reimbursements will cover all costs including telephone, mini bar and any other exceptional expenses occurred. Other costs will not be refunded unless approved by the Director prior to travel. • The lump sum compensations are based on the flight to a meeting in Europe.

EC financial guideline princinple (en160112, pages 63-64-65)

Travel and subsistence allowances for staff taking part in the project: If such costs are reimbursed on the basis of a lump sum or per diem payment, it is the lump sum or per diem and not the actual costs that are considered to be eligible. Procedure: The use of these flat rates is optional for the beneficiaries, who may opt for using real cost or the flat rate during the negociations leading to the signature of the ECGA. The option chosen by a participant has to be used for any travel of this participant in the same grant, though it is possible to apply real costs or the usual practice of the beneficiary for its own personnel and, at the same time, use the flat rates for external experts/advisors needed for the project.