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This page gives an overview of accredited Technology Providers that agreed to adhere to the EGI-InSPIRE Software Rollout Process.

Technology Providers are categorized as either external or internal. The differences lay not in the software approval and rollout process. Rather:

  • Accreditation
    • External providers are formally accredited by signing both a MoU and a SLA with EGI.
    • Internal providers are accredited by informal agreement to adhere and agree to the Software Rollout Process via E-Mail communication with the CTO of EGI.
  • Release Delivery
    • External providers deliver their releases by submittinga special GGUS ticket, which triggers the Software Rollout Workflow.
    • Internal providers are granted access to the RT system to directly create tickets for release for components of their domain.

External Technology Providers

No external technology provider is fully accredited yet.

Internal Technology Providers

Technology Provider Component Canonical short name Description Release Manager Deputy Release Manager
??? EGI core trust anchors CAs The baseline of EGI trust anchors for production. David Groep



(WP7 - JRA1)

[SAM - Service Availability Monitor] sam The Service Availability Monitor monitors the resources and their availability within the production infrastructure. Daniele Cesini~br>

Daniele Cesini <daniele.cesini@cnaf.infn.it>


(WP7 - JRA1)

??? ??? ??? Daniele Cesini~br>

Daniele Cesini <daniele.cesini@cnaf.infn.it>