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Activity Reports

NA1 Project Management

Task TNA1.1: Project Management

  • Organization of August PMB meeting, follow-on of July PMB actions
  • Revision of CC proposals to decide which user engagement activities to fund in EGI-InSPIRE PY5

Task TNA1.2: Project and Consortium Management

Task TNA1.3: Technical Management

  • organization of September conference programme

Task TNA1.4: Quality Assurance

NA4 Community Engagement

NA4.1 Human Networks coordination

  • Agenda preparation and chair of OMB meeting


  • Meetings: Cloud use cases
  • Federated Cloud Use Cases
    • BSIM2 : support
    • DRIHM : [invite NGI_IT user support engagement]
    • READemption (NGS / VT GAPF): support
    • TRUFA (NGS / VT GAPF): [invite use case for EGI / Géant event]
    • Updating Use Case Listing [in progress]
  • AppDB: feature request #RT7301 [Upload VMs via AppDB portal]
  • GPGPU: support NGI_AM
  • Wiki: created / updated PY5 AMB pages


  • EGI / Géant event
    • Write abstract [in progress]
  • ST weekly meeting


  • No major activities, only contributions from communities to D5.5.

NA4.2 Communication

NA4.3 Distributed Competence Centre

NA5 Strategy, Policy and Business Development

NA5.1 Strategy, policy and business development

  • Contact with Dutch SME (Understanding their needs and proposing future collaboration)
  • Business Engagement Programme VT
    • Preparation and publication as a shared Google document for gathering inputs from participants (NGIs, Resource Centres, SMEs)
    • Preparation of the virtual meeting (call, presentation, Minutes of meetings)
    • Collating from inputs coming from different sources
  • Exploring Innovative business models (Big Data and SMEs)

NA5.2 Business models and proof of concepts

SA5 Federated Cloud

SA5.1 Operating a reliable federated institutional IaaS Cloud service

SA5.2 Participation in Proofs of Concept elicited by EGI

JRA2 Tool Development


JRA2.2 Accounting

JRA2.3 AppDB


Discussion and actions