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Activity Reports




NA2.3 Strategic Planning and Policy Support

NA2.4 Events

NA2.5 Technical outreach


  • XSEDE-EGI CF sessions preparation
  • Write up and publish notes from the DRIHM-EGI teleconference
  • Launch FedCloud user support task force - 1st teleconference to be held on the 3rd of April
  • Genome seq. proteine folding VT scoping teleconference (VT workplan to be ready in about a week)
  • Telcon with French Galaxy team for planning a hackathon at EGI CF
  • Telcon with BBMRI management
  • Planning D2.26 with NA2 task leaders
  • UCB meeting + complete a few smallish actions
  • Telcon with STARnet gateway alliance - discuss topics of collaboration (plan for an MoU)
  • VT status update slides for PMB
  • Preparation for EGI AAI presentation (
  • "Business Engagement program for SMEs" VT project kick-off teleconference
  • Meeting with S. Andreozzi to discuss auth/authz solution for Slipstream
  • User portal design document first draft and discussion inside UCST
  • Accounting of the robot certificate users - Scheduled a meeting involving Web portal providers and accounting PT ( Invitations sent.
  • FedCloud production applications and portfolio of reusable demos - meeting organisation
  • FedCloud usecase support: reminder sent to Konrad (RNA-seq) and Peter (DCH-RP)
  • Fedcloud - use cases wiki page updated
  • Extending VOInfo script which is producing csv data for VOs
    • adding web pages to be generated as proposed by Gergely (discipline -> VO -> VO computing/storage related Info)


  • WP2 telcon
    • slides, material for web pages proposal
  • Website content review and update suggestions
    • Investigating what DCIs currently are pre-configured for workflows in the repository
  • Project contacting - assess status, push for new round of contacts
  • Dissemination data for interim report
  • No new projects to target found
  • No new suitable events for ER-flow found


Major Events Planned




Definition of UMD Quality Criteria

  • preparing the final QC7 tests so they an be used by the verifiers.
  • minor updates in the PPA generator scripts to fix some bugs in the rendering of the XML


Verification of Conformance Criteria

  • New products entered the provisioning process
    • gfal2
    • ECGF (globus)
    • dCache
  • Staged-Rollout reports were collected and the preparation of the UMD update:
    • DPM (yaim)
    • GLExec-wn
    • GridSite
    • GridSafe
    • WN SLURM
    • IGTF-CA
    • WMS
  • URT meeting (31.03)
    • to follow-up with dCache their new weekly release process
    • CERN DataManagement interested in the StagedRollout process for its clients, will come back with info regarding new EAs, hopefully from the experiments side.


Provision of a Software Repository and Support Tools

  • ongoing work on defining and verifing the process of signing the UMD repositories


Deployed Middleware Support Unit



TSA4.3 - Liferay

- writing the final deliverable

TSA4.4 - OCCI for CMF

  • bug fixes, released beta.5
  • polishing the first stable release, scheduled for next week
  • packaged betas available in the EGI AppDB --

  • successful test installation/deployment at CESGA
ToDo for next week
  • release stable rOCCI-server v1.0.0
  • CloudStack backend will not be included in the first stable release

(CS devs are not being very cooperative), the same goes for StratusLab, these back-ends will be provided as soon as possible after the official "launch"

  • no further delay

TSA4.5 - CDMI in CMF


- cdmi probe v0.2, extension for openstack keystone tokens - updates to cdmi cli to support openstack keystone tokens - debug of os x vs linux certificate handling

Plans for the next period

- cdmi probe v0.3 - bugfixes - EGI CF preparations

TSA4.6 - OCCI CompClouds

TSA4.7 - AppDeployment


TSA4.8 - CloudCapabilities

  • Preparations for CF



TSA4.10 - CompReports


TSA4.12 - AllocateFedRes



Report: Inspire jra1 2014-04-01