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(NA2.3 Strategic Planning and Policy Support)
(SA4 (in progress))
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* Produced release candidates and release for UMD-2
* Produced release candidates and release for UMD-2
== SA4 (in progress) ==  
== SA4 ==  
==== Summary ====
==== Summary ====

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Activity Reports




NA2.3 Strategic Planning and Policy Support

Major work done

  • Pay for Use: prepared material for the fortnightly call including agenda, responsibility table, user stories scheme (https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/EGI_Pay-for-Use_PoC)
  • Solutions White Papers: new version of four white papers under internal review process
  • Participated in data and cloud steering committees
  • Drafted VT structure for business engagement
  • MoU with APARSEN: finalised the MoU, ready for signature

Major Events Attended

  • (Sergio, Carmela) EU Space Conference, 28-29.02.2014, Brussels
  • (Carmela) EC Info Day on Future Internet, 31.01.2014, Brussels
  • (Sergio) Meeting at EC on structural funds and cloud, Brussels, 6.2.2014

Major Events Planned

  • (Sergio, Carmela) Info Days on Research Infrastructure WP, 13-14.02.2014, Brussels
  • (Carmela) CloudScape VI, 24-25.02.2014, Brussels
  • (Sergio) H2020 and Open Access, 25.02.2014, Brussels
  • (Sy, Sergio) FedSM Working Meeting, 29-31.01.2014, Barcelona

NA2.4 Events

NA2.5 Technical outreach


  • Update of Engagement strategy (input from Lagana, Legre, DK NIL)
  • VT scoping teleconference Genome analysis, proteine folding; Notes and actions in a googledoc: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/VT_GAPF
  • Work on materials about two of the EGI solutions with the policy team (Comm. driven innovation; Community networks
  • Teleconference with the eWaterCycle and DRIHM projects to identify collaboration opportunities
  • Promote the March workshop through NILs, to BioVeL and ER-flow
  • Data SC, Cloud SC telcon
  • Prepare and send TNA2.5 input for QR15
  • Arrange a teleconference with the BioMedBridges/ELIXIR registry team (to be held on the 20th)
  • Formally close the CTA VT and ELIXIR VTs (update wiki pages)
  • Review and then send SCI-BUS MoU draft to CTA
  • Review of article "Cloud governance by a credit model with DIRAC" (FedCloudGov 2014)
  • Arrange a telecon with CENIEH (palenteology insitute): interest about VREs (EC proposal)
  • 2nd LifeWatch Operational/Working Meeting, Granada: plan EGI/LifeWatch next engagement steps
  • Support (EGI Federated Cloud GGUS SU)


  • Teleconference with EarthServer to identify collaboration opportunities
  • Teleconference with EUDAT to identify collaboration opportunities
  • Preparation of a hackathon abstract for the EGI CF
  • shiwa-workflow.eu VO is enabled at VAPOR (REF: https://operations-portal.egi.eu/vapor/vapor-jobMonStatusPerDateDyGraph?vo=shiwa-workflow.eu)
  • Investigating SSP submission service for using VAPOR white list of resources
  • Investigating job submission failure from SSP using shiwa-workflow.eu VO (works fine from gLite UI, but not from SSP portal)
  • Getting-started page for ER-flow website (presenting the available services for the users)


  • Status meeting with Nuno and Salvatore, preparation for BioVeL Strategy meeting
  • ST-weekly meeting
  • Portfolio asset inventory

Major Events Planned

  • (Gergely) BioVeL Strategy Workshop, 12-14.02.2014, Finland
  • (Gergely) BioMedBridges AGM and mid-term review, 10-12.03.2014, Florence
  • (Gergely) ER-flow project meeting, 8-10.04.2014, Trieste


  • Progressing with restructuring of the Authorization (AuthZ) mechanism of the AppDB.

The new AuthZ will be based on user/group permission set, adjustable per register software item or virtual appliance.

These developments are expected to be released in the AppDB development instance [1] by the end of the week. After testing will be pushed to production (next week).

  • Next step, will be implementing a privacy for the registered Virtual Appliances (VAs). This feature will have an impact to a subset of VA metadata that are/will be characterized as 'sensitive/private'.





  • SA2 weekly call
  • Overview of the UMD release process (UMD-2 released)
  • Broadcast for UMD 2.8.0
  • Contributions collected (almost all) but not completed QR15 overall contribution


  • maintenance of verification tests (SE tests were updated)
  • develpment of tool for creating PPA xml from packages list


Verification status:

  • Verified gridsite 2.2.1 for UMD3 (within UI/WN/CREAM/DPM services). #6661 #6662
  • Verified canl 2.2.1 for UMD3 (within WMS/DPM/CREAM/WN/UI services). #6652 #6653
  • Verified proxyrenewal 2.1.3 for UMD3. #6657 #6658
  • Verified gridsite 1.7.29 for UMD2 (UI service). #6665 #6666

RC testing

  • Tested UMD2 RC1 and RC2.


  • General maintenance
  • Produced release candidates and release for UMD-2



TSA4.1 - Management

  • weekly reports
  • Initiating news and dissemination of mini project outcomes (VAPOR & MOOC)


bi-weekly reporting

TSA4.3 - Liferay

  • Continuing evaluation of Liferay v6.2

TSA4.4 - OCCI for CMF

  • bugfix releases 4.2.8 and 4.2.9
  • testing RC2 (improved logging)
  • testing RC2 (fixed a contextualization bug reported by Björn)
  • local infrastructure upgraded, installing an instance for public beta (within FedCloud, w/ VOMS auth)
  • working on installation & configuration docs
ToDo for next week
  • give FedCloud members a chance to test the new rOCCI-server installed at CESNET
  • release stable versions of rOCCI-api and rOCCI-cli
  • in parallel, continue working on the rOCCI framework
  • None (yet :-))
  • Still approx. one month (== Florian's contribution), no further delay

TSA4.5 - CDMI in CMF

  • finishing development and testing of 0.2 version (openstack support + bugfixes), eta end of testing/release - tonight/tomorrow
  • progress on swagger API/client
  • discussion with Synnefo about integration of their storage component
Plans for the next period
  • release of 0.2 version with bugfixes + openstack support
  • release of a stoxy swagger UI
  • extension of stoxy to export supported keystone instance as part of the www-authentication header
  • expansion of cdmi probe/libcdmi based on discussion in the mailing list
Problems we encounter, but can solve
  • 1.1 month delay caused by effort rescheduling

TSA4.6 - OCCI CompClouds

TSA4.7 - AppDeployment

bi-weekly reporting

TSA4.8 - CloudCapabilities

bi-weekly reporting


  • VO shiwa-workflow.eu now enabled in VAPOR. This second VO helps find a few bugs in the multi-VO management. This should be easier when opening to other VOs.
  • Keep on the development of the handling of dark data and lost files: make a difference between LFC and SE files using SE and LFC file dumps, progress on web reports publication.
  • Continue the investigation about high error rates of VAPOR's JobMonitor against the Nagios alarms as no significant decrease of the errors have been seen follow the fixing of several issues during the last periods).
    • New issue found: JSAVA input/output files are not transfered properly on some computing elements. Under investigation.
Plans for next period
  • Keep on the development of the handling of dark data and lost files: web reports, GridFTP access.
  • Re-check the results of the JobMonitor against the Nagios alarms to see if JobMonitor does no longer fail where Nagios probes work (follow-up of the issue fixed during the last period).
Problems we encounter, but can solve

We cannot get sufficient information as to how to build the URL that allows to access a Storage Element with gsiftp protocol. This is needed to complete the feature about Dark data and lost files. It is surprisingly difficult to find out what information to use from a top BDII to build this URL. Action: we have discussions with GFAL2 API developers about this, but they not GridFTP experts. A discussion with some french site admins did not help much. Now going to GGUS: https://ggus.eu/ws/ticket_info.php?ticket=101086

Problems and issues we need external help with


TSA4.10 - CompReports

TSA4.12 - AllocateFedRes

bi-weekly reporting


Report: Inspire jra1 2014-02-11