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Activity Reports




NA2.3 Events

NA2.5 Technical outreach


  • Finalise and publish Engagement Strategy:
  • EGI Engagement Strategy scoping phase:
    • Support for DIRAC service at EGI (Ricardo Graciani)
    • Support for Life Sciences topic: NGS/Protein Folding (Afonso Duarte)
  • Review EGI Engagement Strategy document
  • Preparation of CF workshops
    • Environmental science on grids and clouds (submitted)
    • Astro science on grids and clouds (waiting for input from astro partners)


  • EGU abstract
  • Preparation for project meeting (April 8-10, Trieste)
  • Review of potential events to reach new communities
  • Workflow bundle meeting with Taverna


  • Service portfolio (ongoing)
  • Services monitoring EGI internal 2nd meeting (Malgorzata)
  • ST-weekly meeting

Major Events Planned

  • (Nuno) 2nd LifeWatch Operational/Working Meeting, 3-4.02.2014, Granada
  • (Gergely) BioVeL Strategy Workshop, 12-14.02.2014, Finland
  • (Gergely) ER-flow project meeting, 8-10.04.2014, Trieste


  • New AuthN mechanism, based on [1]. AppDB now supports both EGI SSO and x509 certificates.
  • Modification to the vmcaster dashboard portal [2] in order to support x509 certificates as well.
  • A patch for the vmcaster [3] command line tool so that the user to be able to use his x509 certificate for submitting image list to AppDB (EGI SSO has been kept as an alternative).
  • Integration with the operations portal for getting the VO related information (membership + roles(s) within a VO) for the AppDB users.
  • Integration with the gocdb in order to get the Resource Providers related information.
  • Changes on the people profiles for presenting person's VO related information (membership and roles with the VO(s)). For example, see [4].
  • Changes to the VO details dialog for the same purpose as above. Example: [4].
  • Finalize the Scientific Discipline API based on the specs defined at [4]. See ticket [5].
  • In cooperation with Owen Synge we have submit an abstract for the Community Forum 2014.

    Title: Federated Cloud image lifecycle management

    Category: Training session

    URL: [6]

Next steps:

  • Start AuthZ related developments. Mainly needed for implementing privacy/security for the Virtual Appliance Marketplace extension.
  • Performance improvements