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** Set up post event wash-up teleconf meeting - Emerging Actions  
** Set up post event wash-up teleconf meeting - Emerging Actions  
* Champions:
* Champions:
** Now with Sara. Mark Santcroos and Stella Arnaouti need to be phased out (new jobs).
** final travel claim processing (Arnaouti).
** final travel claim processing (Arnaouti).
** discussions on contributions for CF14
** discussions on contributions for CF14
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** Updating / correction of errors and missing information.
** Updating / correction of errors and missing information.
* Webinars:
* Webinars:
** Now managed by Neasan; programme for 2014 already has 4 events in the plan and more on preparation.
** minor issue resolution and forwarding of mail.
** minor issue resolution and forwarding of mail.

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Activity Reports



  • Effort focused on H2020 workshop:
    • hosting and detailed management / problem resolution for 132 participants
    • mounting of slides, saving to INDICO, ensuring minutes being compiled.
    • sett up webex long range presentation.
    • pursue dedicated ethernet connection for use at podium.
    • distribute minutes for final QA
    • Set up post event wash-up teleconf meeting - Emerging Actions
  • Champions:
    • Now with Sara. Mark Santcroos and Stella Arnaouti need to be phased out (new jobs).
    • final travel claim processing (Arnaouti).
    • discussions on contributions for CF14
  • CF14:
    • minutes of 1st meeting
    • preparation of Timetable for PC with key dates for LOC
    • updating of room allocation table, Conference Overview table, Collocated events, keynote speakers,
    • set up Webex and INDICO for 2nd PC meeting
  • QR14:
    • Formatting compiled report
    • Updating / correction of errors and missing information.
  • Webinars:
    • Now managed by Neasan; programme for 2014 already has 4 events in the plan and more on preparation.
    • minor issue resolution and forwarding of mail.



  1. News Items/Articles
  2. Events
    • Drafted document on events, collecting contacts and evaluating said
  3. Human Networks
    • Met with CRM team about future use of CRM with Research Champions
    • Had meeting with Research Champions to discuss plans for 2014
  4. Publications
    • New design for business cards
    • Designed Xmas 2014 card
  5. Webinars
    • Putting together 2014 programme, including the Solutions, AppDB, GLOBUS, ER-Flow & EUDAT
  6. Other Projects
    • Reviewed internal CloudWATCH deliverable
    • Meeting with ENVRI about future work and involvement
  7. Deliverables/Milestones
    • Wrote draft for Community networks and support white paper
    • Wrote draft for Community-driven innovation white paper
  8. Other
    • Had meeting with Rober Lovas and Ad Emmen about future of EDGeS@home


Major work done during the past week by task

  • EGICF14: contribution to track "open innovation, policies and business models"
  • EGI towards H2020 workshop: participation, presentation/chairing, note taking, sent reminder on survey for feedback
  • EGI Pay for Use: analysed answers from partners, updated wiki page and mailing list:
  • EGI-InSPIRE PY5: restructuring DoW with new NA5 focusing on strategy, policy and business models including participation from NGIs for the proof of concept
  • Polished minutes from DANTE telco and circulated to participants, answered action on Sergio
  • APARSEN: participated in meeting at and drafted initial objectives for MoU to be finalised by end Jan 2014
  • Reviewed internal drafts from SPT: ToC for paper to be sent at BDIM conference (Business-driven IT Management), change management policy for scientific discipline classification, blog post
  • OpenAIRE: contacted representatives to check participation in EGICF13
  • Telecon to progress on NGI technical service catalogue definition
  • QR14: contribution from NA2.3

Major Events Attended

  • (Sergio, Carmela, Sy) EGI towards H2020, 4-6 Dec 2013, Amsterdam
  • (Sergio) HNX presenting hybrid cloud model at ESA HQ, 3 Dec 2013, Paris
  • (Sergio) Helix Nebula F2F meeting, 3-4 Dec 2013, Brussels
  • (Carmela) COPORI Workshop 3-4 De 2013, Brussels

Major Events Planned

  • none


  • Distributed Competence Centre (DCC) registry updates (2 new entries)
  • Began collecting DCC contacts for a new DCC mailing list (to be setup next week)
  • EGI Towards H2020 workshop
  • Start the development of the EGI Outreach Strategy (in slides, soon to be in a document)
  • Discuss EGI-InSPIRE and ER-flow outreach open tasks with Sara
  • Meeting with representatives of APA (Alliance for Permanent Access)

AppDB (10/12/2013)

  1. We are continuing the work towards the restructuring of the authentication mechanism of the AppDB service, in order to support multiple ways (egisso, x509 - for start) of login and be recognized as the same person (with the same privileges no matter the AuthN mechanism he/she used for login).
under this scope the user will be able to:
  • login using both his egisso (if any) and/or personal x509 certificate.
  • the above statement implies that multiple account types could be associated with a single AppDB person profile. That said, explicit functionality will be availabe for 'connetcting' his profile with more that one of the supported AuthZ methods. For example, one could login with an egisso, go to his personal preferences dialog and connect his x509 as an alternative way of login. This is true also on the oposite direction, login with x509 and connect your egisso.
  • for start, only egisso and x509 will be supported. But the implementation we are following will allow us to add more in the future (i.e. edugain, social, fb, linkedin, g+, etc).

     2. Integration with the operations portal regarding the VO roles (VO manager, VO software admin, etc) is in place. In this way we could extract the info on who has permissions to compile/edit VO-wide image list.

     3. Integration with the operations portal regarding the VO membership is on going (waiting feedback from ops portal people). In this way we could implement image/imagelist privacy between VO members.

     4. Integration with the GOCDB is ongoing. Having that, the user will be able to restrict access/subscription to an image list only by specific Resource Provider(s)


Fetching the data from the GOCDB we realized that although some of the sites are in production they have not fill their DN yet. Is this correct?
     (we need this info for fully satisfy the 4th item above)


  • refactoring tutorials section on ER-flow website


  • write collaboration topics to UniMan & INFN. Connect them to Nuno and Salvatore
  • BioVeL: Review and update tasks in Asana




  • URT meeting chaired and agenda preparation
  • Overview of the release process of UMD 3.3.0



  • Updated IPv6 verification wiki. StoRM and dpm srmv2.2 problem (both products are affected by the same issue):fortunately the TP has provided a workaround.
  • Testing release candidates for UMD 3.3.0


  • Normal maintenance
  • Producing several Release Candidates for UMD 3.3.0



The MOOC is live, and some 200 students have subscribed. Content for upcoming lectures is prepared. The rOCCI development is progressing well with the refactoring of the framework and adapting the various realisations (CLI, Server, OpenNebula plugin) AppDeployment/Contextualisation continues well; SA2 verification now uses this component, too. VAPOR is now preparing for a full production environment (mostly consisting of fine-tuning of existing features)

TSA4.1 - Management

  • weekly reporting


- Created walkthrough guide for the first three weeks: this should get new participants up and running with the VM and grid certificates. - Created recordings & quiz for week 4, this week includes the Hadoop lecture - Polishing lectures of week 5

TSA4.3 - Liferay

bi-weekly reporting

TSA4.4 - OCCI for CMF

rOCCI framework
  • updated rOCCI-api to work with the new rOCCI-core (currently in beta.5)
  • about 40% of rOCCI-cli has already been adapted and partially rewritten to accommodate new functionality (currently in beta.3)
  • added support for creating VMs to the OpenNebula backend
  • continuously adding docs and unit tests for implemented features
ToDo for next week
  • finish up the port of the OpenNebula backend
  • implement dynamic linking features (storagelinks & networkinterfaces for running VMs)
  • in parallel, continue working on the rOCCI framework
  • None (yet :-))
  • Still approx. one month (= Florian's contribution), no further delay

TSA4.5 - CDMI in CMF

bi-weekly reporting

TSA4.6 - OCCI CompClouds

no report

TSA4.7 - AppDeployment


- frontend development and testing it with local phenomenology users - continue testing contextualization for verification

Plans for next week:

- development of fronted - continue testing with local users

TSA4.8 - CloudCapabilities

bi-weekly reporting


  • All along this period an important work has consisted in the setting up of a production-ready set of VAPOR services, that includes: fine tune logs configuration, configuration of log rotates, firewall configuration, set up of a backup procedure of the VAPOR VM
  • Bug fixing on the scan of full storage elements (sort files of expired/suspended users)
  • Investigation and fixing of a problem of high CPU consumption of the JobMonitorng tool
  • 2 days face-to-face meeting with Operations Portal team (2 and 3 of December), integration of VAPOR with the Operations Portal at the CC IN2P3 (Lyon, France)
    • Decision made on where the VAPOR data production services should be hosted, i.e. at I3S or at CC IN2P3
    • Installation of the VAPOR webapp on the web server of the CC IN2P3 and link from the Operations Portal. Now accessible for VO biomed only from:
    • Address web design and graphical homogeneity issues
    • Start migration to Lavoisier 2.1 data integration service (used as third party tool within VAPOR)
Plans for next period

Very few should now happen until the end of the month as the main developer will be on leave from Dec. 9th to 31st.

Problems we encounter, but can solve


Problems and issues we need external help with


TSA4.10 - CompReports

bi-weekly reporting

TSA4.12 - AllocateFedRes

no report given


Report: Inspire jra1 2013-12-10