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== JRA1 ==  
== JRA1 ==  
<!-- Diego -->
<!-- Diego -->
Report: [[Inspire_jra1_2013-11-26]]

= Participants =
= Participants =
= Discussion =
= Discussion =

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Activity Reports




  • Interpret VO, user, job metrics for QR14
  • Preparation and attend Resource Centre Forum
  • Robot user accounting - submit ticket to JRA1
  • Define user-engagement metrics for PY4 & 5
  • EISCAT_3D: Capture Proof of Concept architecture on slides, circulate to collaborators
  • Data discussion (preparation for H2020 workshop)
  • Draft 1st draft of data services position paper for H2020 workshop
  • QR14 NA2.5 summary text + summary slides
  • Prepare for NIL-Champion teleconference
  • Process responses of the NIL Outreach survey. Information about Distributed Competency Centre was made publicly visible at


  • Investigated 15 FP7 projects from cordis eu website and 3 most related were added as a new FP7-HEALTH projects to target by ER-flow (total amount found that could be related projects is 48)
  • Dissemination events for ER-flow (review on time basis, no new relevant events were found)


  • EUBON use case demo by Norman





Report: Inspire_jra1_2013-11-26