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Activity Reports




  1. News Items/Articles
  2. Media mentions
  3. Events
    • Attending SC13 in Denver
    • Working through contacts made at ICT2013 in Vilnius
  4. Human Networks
    • Compiling NILs dispatch
    • Collecting ResearchChampion's travel plans for 2014
    • Drafted description etc for "Technology Champions"
  5. Publications
    • First batch of edits to Scientific Use Cases document done
  6. Webinars
    • Scheduling a second webinar on GSI-SSHTerm (RMcL)
  7. Other Projects
    • ERFlow leaflet on astrophysics workflows drafted
    • ENVRI Website review done
    • Outreach Officer and Graphic Designer start week beginning 25th of November

Technical Outreach to New Communities


  • NILs contacts (wiki, web tables, SSO group validation/updates)
    • user support map contacts/details validation and requests for the updates
  • FedCloud user support: baby-sitting new VOs creation
  • Update EGI robot certificates statistics
  • Support user on grid usage @
  • Disseminate grid MOOC course: blog, twitter, and EGI UCB/portals/SGs mailing lists
  • Assessment 1st week MOOC grid course
  • Abstract submitted by invitation to EJIBCE 2013


  • Cloud training & produce tutorial slides (ongoing)
  • New FedCloud use case: EDIT; Requirements assessed
  • Management of 2nd ENM WF Play day

AppDB (19/11/2013)

  • Outdated sw items has been enabled into production
  • A monthly email is sent to sw entry owners after 3 years of inactivity.
  • 'Freshness' option has been added to the faceted search mechanism.
  • First steps for personalize the home page of the logged in users, have been made [1].
  • A structure for the Scientific classification API has been proposed to EGI [2]. Waiting for feedback in order to start the implementation.

Ongoing tasks:

  • Integration with the Operation portal secured API, in order to get each user roles (this info will be needed for the VO image lists management)
  • Investigating alternative Authentication mechanisms to cover the login process into our service (Portal + API). The selected approach should offer the ability for the user to login either using his egi sso username/password or his personal certificate. The aim is the final solution to be expandable to third-party authentication sources as well (i.e. facebook etc.)

Next tasks:

  • Fetching user details from VOMS servers about their VO membership.
  • Change the authentication mechanism based on the outcome of the investigation that we are currently performing.
  • Extend the authorization module in our system in order to map VO related permissions to the existed of future user profiles.
  • Implement a separate permissions tab for every registered sw/va item, from where the owner could set/unset by whom the given item will be accessible and/or managed.
  • Extend the software (not the VAs) items metadata in order the user to be able to set the license under which an item is available.



[1]. (... and login)







  • The rOCCI framework reached 90% QA and testing coverage, which led to a further set of discovered and fixed bugs. Both dummy and reference backend are 90% complete.
  • The A/R reporting component now aggregates values according to HEPSPEC.

TSA4.1 - Management

  • weekly reports
  • assembling QR14 report and contributions


bi-weekly reporting

TSA4.3 - Liferay

  • INFN finished work
  • SZTAKI finished work
  • CESNET is evaluating Liferay capabilities for organization of non-public document repositories and wikis, compared to MediaWiki's private namespaces

TSA4.4 - OCCI for CMF

rOCCI framework
  • test coverage almost done (> 90 %)
  • fixed a hand-full of critical bugs discovered while developing the new rOCCI-server
  • improved error handling and reporting
  • still working on a reference backend, towards the first alpha version
  • dummy backend 90 % done
  • continuously adding docs and unit tests (specs) for implemented features
  • server now correctly responds to basic OCCI commands with the dummy backend!
ToDo for next week
  • finish up the dummy backend for rOCCI-server
  • start porting the OpenNebula backend for rOCCI-server
  • in parallel, continue fixing bugs in rOCCI-core
  • discovered another batch of bugs in rOCCI-core affecting critical functionality of rOCCI-server; see ToDo
  • Still approx. one month (== Florian's contribution), no further delay

TSA4.5 - CDMI in CMF


- cli first version, finishing tests before pushing to public repo (STOX-22) - debugging issue related to file cleanup (STOX-25) - EUDAT API discussion with EPCC (STOX-30)

Plans for the next period:

- Implement fine grained metadata property retrieval (STOX-24) - Setup demo instance for testing (STOX-27), hopefully on a new KTH OpenStack, plan B - AWS. - Continue with EUDAT API (STOX-30)

Problems we encounter, but can solve:

- 1.75 month delay caused by effort rescheduling

Problems and issues we need external help with:


TSA4.6 - OCCI CompClouds


- Upgraded OCCI connector to SlipStream v2. This is being deployed on a test system this week for testing. - Upgraded version committed to GitHub - Need to complete OCCI connector on fedcloud services (ongoing)

Problems we encounter, but can solve:


Problems and issues we need external help with:


TSA4.7 - AppDeployment

  • built vm image for computational chemistry users
  • talking with astrophysics users, the services may suit their needs
  • built cloud-init debian package
  • improving documentation
Plans for next week:

- development of fronted

TSA4.8 - CloudCapabilities

  • Discussed next steps about BNCweb use case. Unfortunately, a telephone conference had to be canceled. A new date has not been found yet.
  • Posted to EGI Blog about shrinking images for easier distribution and deployment. This lead to a short discussion about how to deal with Windows images. Obviously, there is a demand for this.
  • Exploring BioVel image to see whether our suggestions have been followed, particularly data provisioning
  • Checking PeachNote image for a rarely observed problem of loosing IP addresses. This could not be verified at Juelich. ICMP Ping only lost packets while the VM was rebooting.
  • Contacted CSGF whether they're happy.
Plans for next week
  • PeachNote telephone conference & follow-up work
  • Prepare Blog post about cloud application architecture (particularly storage options)
Problems we encountered, but can solve in the mini-project:


Problems and issues we need external help with:



bi-weekly reporting

TSA4.10 - CompReports

  • [Ops] Completed: Removed from the Koji building service (it is provided now by EPEL)
  • [Ops] Completed: New package for the A/R sync component
  • [Ops] Completed: Update the library on the production instance
  • [Ops] Started: License & Copyright
  • [Sync] Completed: Use the latest version of that resolved the issue about the missing data from the consumer
  • [Sync] Completed: Reference implementation of the hep spec components
  • [Sync] Completed the component for retrieving VO topology
  • [WebAPI] Completed: Support configuration from an external file
  • [CompEng] Started: Background work for supporting the use of Availability Profiles in the computations
  • [CompEng] Started: Background work for supporting the use of custom factors in the Availability Profiles
  • [WebUI] Started: Web page to compare the results between CERN and us at any time
  • [Ops]: Started: Prepare requirements list for the task force
  • [Ops]: Started: Installation of Lavoisier on ~Okeanos
Plans for next sprint
  • [Sync] Add license text & copyright to all code artifacts (Sync Components)
  • [CompEng] Support the use of Availability Profiles in the computations
  • [CompEng] Support the use of custom factors in the Availability Profiles
  • [WebUI] Web page to compare the results between CERN and us at any time
  • [Management]: Meeting of the Requirements Gathering Task Force
  • [WebUI]: New package for the WebUI (Lavoisier)
  • Face 2 Face meeting in Thessaloniki
Problems we encountered, but can solve:


Problems and issues we need external help with


TSA4.12 - AllocateFedRes

No report provided


Report: Inspire_jra1_2013-11-19