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Activity Reports


  1. Milestones and Deliverables
    • Progressing MS801 for delivery to PMB this week and final despatch next week
    • gathering QR14 inputs
    • preparing table of outstanding work till current end of InSPIRE.



  1. News Items/Articles
  2. Case Studies
  3. Media mentions
  4. Events
    • Attending ICT2013 in Vilnius
  5. Human Networks
    • Meeting with CG and RMcL about handover of various activities
  6. Deliverables/Milestones
    • Provided input to QR14 and attendant slide
  7. Staffing
    • Outreach Officer and Graphic designers role filled. Successful candidates start later this month
  8. Other
    • Created first draft of white paper on the "Community networks and support” solution
  9. Champions
    • Investigated and chased various Travel Request issues
    • Proposed funding Champ travel for H2020 workshop
  10. Webinars
    • Arranged and conducted webinar on High Throughput Data for ENVRI
    • Updating Procedure sheet for webinars.
    • Edit and Upload of recorded webinar to DocDB and Indico.
  11. Community Forum CF14
    • Setting up of PC. Contacting no show invited members individually - Doodle poll for 1st meeting on 15 Nov
    • Setting up agenda for site visit
    • preparing and participating in LOC meeting
    • Follow up on C4Me issues
    • Developing/refining/sharing room allocation tables
    • Keynote speakers
  12. H2020 workshop
    • progressing invitation to participate and various other issues

Technical Outreach to New Communities



  1. AppDB
    • Start assessment of OpenAIRE API to connect AppDB with OpenAIRE (scientific publications)
    • Engagement with: gCube framework team, and Bin2Xcor2sac team
  2. Science Gateway Primer: meeting with Silvia Olabarriaga group; discuss the anatomy of SG's and sync activities.
  1. Webex bookings, indico setup
    • support for Ingemar (setting up JDK/Firefox support was provided)
  2. Investigation of requirements from George Mikuchadze
    • Finding suitable VO (most suitable is DRIHM.EU, can we contact Christian Straube - VO manager ?)
    • Requirements:
      • 1. Local area weather forecast models such as WRF-ARW/NMM (8-16 CPUs)
      • 2. Quantum chemical calculation of macromolecules such as DNA (4 or 8 pair nucleotides) using DFT methods (16-64 CPUs)
      • 3. Interaction of plasma with high intensive laser beams using openmp (maximum number of CPUs per WN)
      • 4. The needed storage space is approx. 5 GB."
  3. PPT TNA2.1/TNA1.7 unspent effort calculation
  4. Survey for NILs summary
  5. and EGI SSO
    • GGUS user support (Mario Rucio from CERN) for using


  1. Autumn newsletter proof reading contribution (BioVeL / OpenBio / EGI collaboration)
  2. ENM Play Day
    • Manage 2nd Play Day (15th Nov. 2013 @ 15 CET)
    • Manage 1st Play Day post-mortem topics: ENM WF dependencies; WF tests.
  3. R @ EGI: disseminate findings;engage BioVeL with UNICORE team
  4. EUBON use case meeting


  1. Finding data providers for the 4 ER-flow communities
  2. additional data about VREs

AppDB (dd/mm/yyyy)

CRM (dd/mm/yyyy)

TMP (dd/mm/yyyy)



SA4 (collecting in progress)


TSA4.1 - Management

  • Collecting weekly reporting


TSA4.3 - Liferay

TSA4.4 - OCCI for CMF

rOCCI framework
  • extended test coverage to improve QA on rOCCI-core (continuous, right now focusing on Occi::Collection and Occi::Model coverage)
  • a bunch of fixes for bugs discovered while implementing the server
  • working on a reference backend, towards the first alpha version
  • added a request parser
  • added Occi::Model integration (i.e. the server now correctly responds to GET /-/)
  • added support for resource_tpl and os_tpl for the dummy backend
  • continuously adding docs and unit tests (specs) for implemented features
ToDo for next week
  • continue working on rOCCI-server backends
  • in parallel, continue extending test coverage on rOCCI framework, primarily rOCCI-core
  • None (yet :-))
  • Still approx. one month (== Florian's contribution), no further delay

TSA4.5 - CDMI in CMF

Plans for the next period:
Problems we encounter, but can solve:
Problems and issues we need external help with:

TSA4.6 - OCCI CompClouds

  • Upgrading OCCI connector to SlipStream v2. Needed to support Ruby runtime, since using rOCCI
  • New connector will be enabled in the next upgrade of SlipStream v2 instance for Helix Nebula
Problems we encounter, but can solve:


Problems and issues we need external help with:


TSA4.7 - AppDeployment

Plans for next week:

TSA4.8 - CloudCapabilities

Plans for next week
Problems we encountered, but can solve in the mini-project:
Problems and issues we need external help with:


TSA4.10 - CompReports

Plans for next sprint
Problems we encountered, but can solve:
Problems and issues we need external help with

TSA4.12 - AllocateFedRes


Report: Inspire_jra1_2013-11-05