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Activity Reports


  • Progress on Milestones & Deliverables

Preparations for the QR14 - template circulated, metrics being collected

  • Major work done during the past week by task

TNA1.1 Activity management

  • Changes to activity plan to reflect management changes, central budget updates to be finalised
  • Change in NA2 and SA1 work package leaders proposed, PMB feedback needed
  • PO notified of change to Project Director, LEAR being updated

TNA1.2 Project and consortium management

  • Payment schedule for PQ11 and PY3 closing costs prepared and sent to PO for approval
  • Budget for 2014 approved at Council meeting on 24 October, pro forma invoices to be issued
  • Effort allocations to be verified for PY5
  • Offers accepted for Graphic Designer and Outreach Intern
  • Applications closed for Business Development Expert, Technical Outreach Expert and Senior Ops Officer, shortlisting in progress

TNA1.4 Quality assurance

  • QR14 materials and metrics being gathered for 8 November
  • Project level metrics to be related to the human networks impact



  1. News Items/Articles
  2. Media mentions
  3. Events
    • Materials shipped to SC'13
    • Materials shipped to ICT2013
  4. Human Networks
    • Discussion with GS and PS to define the "Technology Champions"
    • Working through information on NILs from RMcL for full handover
  5. Deliverables/Milestones
    • Working on NA2.2 contribution to MS128 (QR14)
  6. Other
  7. Other Projects
    • Planning future activity for dissemination effort in ENVRI project
    • e-ScienceTalk Dissemination guide was described as "what a useful and practical guide! It is full of tips and pieces of advice on #dissemination. Thanks for sharing"



report: Inspire_sa1_2013-10-29