EGI-InSPIRE:Amb 2013-10-22

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Activity Reports


  • Progress on Milestones & Deliverables

Preparations for the QR14.

  • Major work done during the past week by task

TNA1.1 Activity management - Changes to activity plan to reflect management changes - Change in NA2 and SA1 work package leaders proposed

TNA1.2 Project and consortium management - Cost statements submitted and accepted for PY3 - Form Cs being sent to EC - Budget for 2014 prepared to be voted on at the Council meeting on 24 October - Effort allocations adjusted to end of project in consultation with managers - further changes carried out to reflect management changes - Recruitment underway for project roles - 5 roles advertised, interviews scheduled for 2

TNA1.4 Quality assurance - QR14 materials and metrics being gathered - Project level metrics to be updated on the website - Project level metrics to be related to the human networks impact



  1. Media mentions
  2. Human Networks
    • Met with CG, GS, RMcL and SC to discuss handover
  3. Deliverables/Milestones
    • MS243, reviewed, edited. With the PMB
  4. Staffing
    • Interviewed 2 candidates for Outreach Officer role, one F2F, other via skype
    • Interviewed 3 candidates for Graphic Designer role, all F2F
  5. Other


  • Review new VT proposal and kick-off VT: Promoting Desktop Grid solutions -
  • Teleconference with NILs & Champions about EGI-InSPIRE PY4-5, H2020, CF2012; Discuss survey to be setup this week for NILs and Champs with Tiziana
  • Propose collaboration opportunitites to PRACE (EGI-2013 hydro-meteorology session; science gateways) - meeting to be arranged with Jules Wolfrat
  • Meeting about CF2014 with Richard and Tiziana - event scope, structure, content
  • Discuss human network management with press team and Richard (handover from Richard to Sara)
  • Teleconference with EISCAT_3D study case - next step is to define a 2TB data pilot + planning to H2020 proposal
  • ER-flow review (1 day for Gergely) - the project received a GOOD mark
  • Send out request for QR14 input to TNA2.5 teams
  • Record EGI Introduction lecture for Grid Computing MOOC (mini-project in SA4)
  • Attend review rehearsal of the BioVeL project (webex session)
  • Search for VRE projects (potential EGI customers) on the EC Cordis website - results relevant for ER-flow and EGI-InSPIRE NA2.5


Report: Inspire_sa1_2013-10-22




Report: Inspire_jra1_2013-10-22