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This page is providing yearly activity plan for WP6 in PY2

Project month

Project Tasks

Work to be done




(responsible person)

x Task 6.1, Training
  • Webinars and/of F2F events (with online user guide) about
    • ODP, DataHub (Lukasz+Diego, Matthew)
    • AAI (LIP)
    • GPGPU (Matthew+Giuseppe)
    • FedCloud API use (Giuseppe)
    • LToS (Giuseppe)
    • High-level platforms (Giuseppe, Yin-CommunityServices, Enol-CloudPlatforms/Orchestrators)
    • Security for RI managers, security user awareness (STFC, CERN, NIKHEF)
  • Continued coordination of the training infrastructure (and operation, but that's unfunded) (Gergely)
See in previous column
Feb 2017 Task 6.2, Tech. User Support

Priority communities:

  • Euro-Argo (ENVRIplus) (Yin)
    •  Prototype of the data cloud with data subscription and delivery capability for users. The prototype is expected to be based on the following technologies: Hadoop, SWIFT, WS-PGRAD, and HIVE
  • ICOS (ENVRIplus) (Diego):
    • Two use cases are under impementation, using similar technical setup: Integration of a community portal with the EGI cloud, with scalable back-end based on docker, and with data stage-in/out capabilities towards EUDAT. Integration of station data into data products.
  • EuroBioImaging (INDIGO) (Yin):
    •  UPV in INDIGO has designed and now developing a 'VRE as a service' architecture that can support this INDIGO use case. EGI needs to integrate the standard INDIGO components with EGI FedCloud. We will evaluate this after the INDIGO components are released (after July 2016)
    • Sign SLA with the community about the services that would underpin the setup on EGI
  • ENES (INDIGO) (Yin):
    • Similar to EuroBioImaging, but with using the Ophidia data analytics framework instead of the UPV system.
  • EMSO (Diego): 
    •  Signed collaboration agreement after the establishement of the EMSO ERIC (maybe after the EMSO assembly, Sept 2016)
    • EMSODEV Data Management Platform prototype deployed in the EGI Federated Cloud
    • Established 'Competence Centre' with countries/NGIs common to EMSO and EGI (IT, FR, UK, GR, PT, IE. DE and NL are initially observers, the inclusion of Turkey is under discussion.)
    • SLA agreed for the EGI services that will underpin the EMSO platform.

Other communities:

  • Long-tail of science: 
    • Help SA1 finalise and release the EGI pltaform
    • Support NGI user support teams in uptake of the platform
    • Support the communication team promote the platform directly to the long-tail
  • BigDataEurope H2020 project (Enol)
  • Assess VRE projects (Gergely)
  • Assess RIs from the recent ESFRI roadmap, identify 'low hanging fruits' suggest actions for engagement (Gergely)
See in previous column
  • Feb 2017
Task 6.3, ELIXIR
  • 5 scientific use case (from M6.3) are running on the EGI FedCloud & Conculsions are drawn on the use of cloud federation for ELIXIR applications (D6.15)
  • The ELIXIR Compute Platform is operated as a service for ELIXIR users, integrating cloud, AAI, monitoring, GOCDB services from EGI (underpinned by an SLA)

Kimmo Mattila


  • x
Task 6.4, BBMRI TBD during next telco (week of 18th) CC leader

July 2016

Dec 2016

Task 6.5, MoBrain
  • GPGPU portals (with GROMACS and AMBER) are offered as production service (D6.12)
  • Scipion (Cryo-EM) is available for cloud deployment in EGI clouds via AppDB (D6.14)
Alexandre Bonvin
  • Sept 2016
  • Oct 2016
  • Feb 2017
Task 6.6, DARIAH
  • User involvement and sustainability plan
  • E-infra service portfolio for A&H established (gLibrary, SEE, CDSTAR, WS-PGRADE) (D6.17 and previous deliverables)
  • Active user base - They are engaged with at community events, Webinars, pro-active outreach

DANS (who exactly?)

Davor Davidovic, 
Zoltan Farkas (for D6.17)

All members

x Task 6.7, LifeWatch
  • X LifeWatch applications are deployed in EGI. Application usage is monitored by...
  • Task forces:
    • MongoDB
    • GeoServer
    • R
    • Storage
    • AAI
    • Citizen Science
Jesus Marco
  • Continuous
  • Cont. refinement
  • Feb-June 2017
Task 6.8, EISCAT_3D
  • Requirements for second portal version are collected in RT queue
  • EISCAT_3D Data Structure is defined (External activity but a dependency for the portal)
  • Second (computational) portal is in final stage of development (D6.21 in Month 28)


Victor Mendez

Feb 2017

Task 6.9, EPOS
  • 3 community pilots are implemented: AAI, Computing, Data management (New deliverable in project month 24)
  • Initial conclusions are drawn from the setup (These conclusions will drive work in PY3, turning the pilots into production services.)
Daniele Bailo
Feb 2017 Task 6.10, Disaster Mitigation
  • Implementation of the following case studies (with the use of grid services):
    • Typhoon Haiyan (PH, TW)
    • Tsunami cave in Lhong-Aceh Besar (ID, TW)
    • Flooding 2014-15 (MY, TW)
    • Flooding 2008 (Nepal, TW)
    • Tsunami impact analysis in South China Sea (TW, PH)
  • TBC: Setup of a federated cloud infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region

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