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This page is providing yearly activity plan for WP5 in PY1

Project month

Project Tasks

Work to be done




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1 Task 5.1
  • Core activities bidding process, including the extension of the service portfolio
  • UMD, definition of the processes to improve the service and include new technologies such as the fedcloud software
  • Implement an SLA framework with the EGI's stakeholders
  • Procedure for the VMI endorsement definition and implementation
  • Core activities are bid and the new consortia are ready to start delivering the services in May 2016
  • UMD releases the JRA2.2 outputs and makes available the releases for the production infrastructure.
  • The VMI endorsement procedure is approved by OMB, and it is implemented in the ops tools where necessary
Peter Solagna -
1 Task 5.2
  • Document the security requirements for the EGI Federated Cloud Service and perform a security risk analysis.
  • Develop new and revise old security policies to meet the needs of the EGI Federated Cloud Service and the Long Tail of Science Service.
  • Technical changes to the trust fabric management will be introduced for new usage scenarios and to support evolving access control mechanisms.
  • Develop new operational security procedures for the EGI Federated Cloud Service for incident response and vulnerability handling.
  • The security requirements and security risk analysis for FedCloud will be produced and agreed/approved by the EGI FedCloud team, the OMB and the security team.
  • Policy documents will be produced, consulted on and passed all the way through to formal adoption. This will include at least a revised AUP, a revised VM Endorsement and the new LToS service policy.
  • The new trust fabric management will be evaluated on the new usage scenarios and access control mechanisms.
  • New procedures for FedCloud will be developed, approved and adopted for Incident Response and Vulnerability Handling.
David Kelsey - STFC
2 Task 5.3
  • Enable ESA exploitation platform tasks to run on EGI Fedcloud
  • Enable iMarine platform to use EGI resources
  • Enable Long tail of science platform
  • EGI accounting shows resource utilization by the ESA VOs
  • EGI accounting shows resource utilization by the iMarine VOs
  • EGI accounting shows resource utilization by long tail of science VO (beside testing)
Peter Solagna -