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The Project Administrative Committee (PAC)


  • Members list: full and short name, country, participant number (as in NEF) [1]
  • Members and JRUs list: JRUs in bold are those with funding allocated (as in NEF) [2]
  • Groups of Partners and Representative:
    • Rob van de Meer
    • IBERGRID: Jorge Gomes LIP; deputy Isabel Campos
    • CE : CESNET, Jana Hrdličková or Iva Krejci
    • EIRO :
    • UK.IE.NL : Claire Devereux - STFC; Deputy Rossend Llurba - NCF
    • NBIS:
    • SEE: RENAM Alexei Altuhov and GRNET Anna Loukakou
    • IT-RU:
    • FRRO: absent
    • APGI:
    • DACH: Andres Aeschlimann (SwiNG) as representative and Wilhelm Bühler (NGI-DE) as deputy

During the PAC meeting, held in Amsterdam at the EGI TF, the members presents have agreed to use the same groupings than for the PMB representation (Project Management Board) [3].
However attendance of annual F2F meetings is strongly recommended for every partners and participation in the quarterly conference are also welcoming from every partners even though the representative of your grouping participates.

Pending action Partners: nominate a representative + deputy for each group

Mailing lists

(for update, please contact [])

  • Financial Mailing list Members [4]
  • CB-Observers Mailing list Members [5]


  • F2F at EGI Technical Forum 2010 in Amsterdam - Wednesday 15th Sept from 14:00 - 15:30
  1. Elect a chair at PAC meeting
  2. Form the Group of partner and nominate a representative
  3. EGI-InSPIRE Finance (Payment process and timeline, Audit certificates rules)
Minutes[6]; Questions & Answers [7]
Pending action Partners: Report costs of audit certificates for JRU members to Celine

  • Teleconference Meeting 2: 10th December 2010, 10:00 CET
  • Request nominations for a representative and deputy per PMB grouping: Ongoing – CD will chase outstanding partners
  • Report costs of audit certificates for JRU members to Celine: Ongoing – some received but not all
  • Remind all lead beneficiaries in January book auditors if appropriate: new

Financial Guidelines

  • FP7 condensed guideline prepared for EGI-InSPIRE [10]
  • EC Financial Guideline dated 30 June 2010 [11]
  • FP7 Grant Agreement - Annex II General Conditions V5 18 December 2009 [12]
  • FP7 Guidelines for CERTIFICATES ISSUED BY EXTERNAL AUDITORS (only Part II is relevant)[13]

Contractual documents

  • Grant Agreement (EC contract signed between the Commission and [14]
  • Consortium Agreement (Agreement signed between Partners, including the contractual efforts and budget tables) [15]

  • EGI-iNSPIRE-EFFORTs-NA2 (WP2)-Master-CA.pdf [16]
  • EGI-iNSPIRE-EFFORTs-NA3 (WP3)-Master-CA.pdf [17]
  • EGI-iNSPIRE-EFFORTs-SA1 (WP4)-Master-CA.pdf [18]
  • EGI-iNSPIRE-EFFORTs-SA2 (WP5)-Master-CA.pdf [19]
  • EGI-iNSPIRE-EFFORTs-SA3 (WP6)-Master-CA.pdf [20]
  • EGI-iNSPIRE-EFFORTs-JRA1 (WP7)-Master-CA.pdf [21]

  • EGI-InSPIRE Funding table distributed between Leads and JRUs [22]

  • EGI-InSPIRE A3Form Budget tables consolidated for issuing the Final Grant Agreement [23]

The Quarterly reports

Q1 May-June-July 2010

EGI-report-Q1-by-Members.pdf [24]

Q2 Aug-Oct 2010

EGI-report-Q1&Q2-by-Members.xls [25]

EGI cumulative reports in excel (activity per member Q1, Q2 and cumulated; finance Q1, Q2 and cumulated) [26]

Advance payments

Advance 1

It is the responsibility of the Lead Beneficiary to redistribute the money to its JRUs. The following [27] shows the share of funding for each participant, Leads and JRUs, for the total funding.

Pre-Financing and payment of Q1 May-June-July 2010:

40% of the total pre-financing received from the EC is decreased with the 5% corresponding to the PFG (Participant Guarantee Fund). The remaining 35% are distributed as follows:

  • 6 months effort equivalent paid as an advance - Table 1 [28]
  • quarterly payments based on the use of resources: Q1 payments - Table 2 [29]
    It shows for each participant, Leads and JRUs, the calculation of estimated funding used in Q1 according to the efforts used and task rate grouping.

Then distributes separately the funding related to the global efforts declared in Q1 see Table 3 [30].

Advance 2

EC deliverable MS106 [31]

payment of Q2 Aug-Oct 2010 [32] Spreadsheet for the payments of PQ2 and contribution to the Global efforts.

Advance 3

payment of Q3 Nov-Dec 2010-Jan 2011

Advance 4

payment of Q4 Feb-Mar-April 2011