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*Yannick Legré: Managing Director
*Yannick Legré: Managing Director
=== Email ===
'''Email: egi-engage-po@egi.eu <br>'''
egi-engage-po@egi.eu <br>
=== Postal address ===
=== Postal address ===

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The Project Office has been set up by the EGI.eu project office to enable regular discussions about the implementation of all administrative and financial procedures of the project management for EGI-Engage project. 

Project Office Contact details

The contact persons for Administration/Financial and Legal related matters are:

  • Céline Bitoune: Chief Finance & Administrative Officer
  • Yannick Legré: Managing Director

Email: egi-engage-po@egi.eu

Postal address

Science Park 140, 1098 XG Amterdam, The Netherlands

Project Mailing lists

some information about the project mailing lists that are available for internal project communication: