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EGI-Engage draft project skeleton and editors

WP1 (NA) Project Management

T. Ferrari - S. Andreozzi

WP2 (NA) Policy, strategy and communications

  • TASK 2.1 Communications and events S. Coelho - N. O-Neill
  • TASK 2.2 Strategy, policy and business S. Andreozzi - S. Holsinger

WP3 (JRA) e-Infrastructure Commons

  • TASK 3.1 AAI P. Solagna, D. Group (reviewer)
  • TASK 3.2 Service Registry, D. Scardaci, C. Kanellopolous
  • TASK 3.3 Accounting, J. Gordon, D. Scardaci
  • TASK 3.4 Market place, D. Scardaci, S. Andreozzi
  • TASK 3.x PID (TBD)

WP4 (JRA) Open Data Commons

T. Ferrari, P. Oster (?)

  • TASK 4.1 Federated Open Data Archiving Solution, J. Marco, S.

Andreozzi (includes collaboration with OpenAIRE)

  • TASK 4.2 Development of the federated cloud, M. Drescher, K.

Koumantaros, M. Ruda (reviewer), M. Verlato

  • TASK 4.3 Service policy and operations harmonization (EUDAT), T. Ferrari, P. Oster as reviewer (?)
  • TASK 4.4 Service policy and operations harmonization (PRACE), T. Ferrari
  • TASK 4.5 Data Accounting, J. Gordon

WP5 (JRA, ex WP6) Core Infrastructure Platform

D. Scardaci, D. Kelsey for security monitoring

WP6 (SA, ex wp7) Operations of the e-infrastructure Commons

P. Solagna

  • TASK 6.1 Operations coordination, P. Solagna
  • TASK 6.2 Development of Security Operations, D. Kelsey
  • TASK 6.3 Integration and deployment of new cloud platforms, K. Koumanataros, L. Gaido

WP7 (SA, ex wp5) Knowledge Commons

G. Sipos, V. Breton DEADLINE: 8 August, after CC review

  • TASK 7.1 Distributed Competence Centre
  • TASK 7.2 Technical User Support
  • TASK 7.3 Training (D. Kelsey for security training)