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Roles and
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Review preparation key dates

  1. Sep 18: Input due for the PY2 periodic report
  2. Sep 29: Complete review slides, including KER presentations, WP presentations and lightning talk presentations
  3. Oct 03-04: Rehearsal session 1
  4. Oct 10-11: Rehearsal session 2
  5. Oct 23-24: Review (Brussels)

Note: input to final report will be provided by NA1 with the support of Sergio Andreozzi/NA2; input from other WP leaders is not currently foreseen.

Periodic report

Timeline: PM12 till PM30

1. Explanation of the work carried out by the beneficiaries and Overview of the progress

- Summary:  summary of work carried out for your WP and short report on progress towards objectives. One page per WP.

- Explanation of the work carried per WP:  Please explain the work carried out in WP during the reporting period. – min 1 page by task

- Impact: Please provide missing activities and more description for key results

5. Deviations from Annex 1 and Annex 2

- Use of resources: Please provide per WP information about deviations in use of resources

Financial report

  • Wed 6/09/17: Extract draft report for AMB review and chasing partners
  • Fri 15/09/17: Partners report efforts and costs in Authore
  • 18-22/09/17: Checking data by the Project Office
  • Tues 26/09/17:
    • CB provides updated use of efforts per partners/tasks for all project duration
    • AMB review of financial report + feedback to project office
  • Mon Oct-2:
    • AMB updates accordingly assessment in "Overview overspending partners" for prioritization of overspending partners
    • date to define with PMB: PMB approves the AMB proposal

Final review