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The dissemination activities of EGI-Engage will be tracked in this page using the following table.

The table will cover all dissemination activities (e.g. training events, blog posts, articles, presentations) undertaken by the tasks/work packages.

Instructions to fill the table

Type of activities Task #


[last name, first name initial]

Title Date Place / Outlet /
Name of event
Type of audience Size of audience Countries addressed Link
M. Krakowian
Supporting the supporters: EGI solutions for federated e-infrastructures and research infrastructures 2015.05.6
NeIC 2015 conference
Research community
Nordic countries
Article NA2.1 TF EGI-InSPIRE: Building the digital European Research Area from the ground up 2015.05.22 CORDIS magazine Policy makers online European-wide [2]
News NA2.1 MO Webinars introduce EGI-Engage and latest platform development 2015.05.08 EGI newsfeed EGI Community online European-wide [3]
News NA2.1 MO EGI Conference 2015 gets underway in Lisbon, Portugal 2015.05.18 EGI newsfeed EGI Community online European-wide [4]
Publication NA2.1 Many external contributors Compendium of e-Infrastructure requirements for the digital ERA 2015.05.19 EGI publication EGI Community online European-wide PDF
Article NA2.1 Andrew Purcell Opening science to the world; opening the world to science 2015.05.27 iSGTW All online European-wide [5]
Article NA2.2 S Andreozzi Towards an Open Science Commons Spring 2015 e-IRG newsletter (page 3) Policy makers, Research Infrastructures online European-wide [6]
Blog post NA2.2 TF Resounding success of the Open Science Commons in Lisbon (meeting report) 2015.05.27 EGI Blog Policy makers, EGI Community online European-wide [7]
S. Andreozzi

e-IRG dissemination channels and web site
Policy makers
Towards an Open Science Commons
Open Science Data Cloud Annual Workshop, Amsterdam
long tail of research
Invited Talk SA2.2 G Sipos A changing landscape for science gateways 2015-06-05 7th International Workshop on Science Gateways, Budapest gateway, framework, VRE, sci. application developers 30 European, US [9]
Article NA2.2 S Andreozzi A new approach to sharing the scientific resources that enable 21st century research 2015-06-10 iSGTW general audience Online European, US [10]
News NA2.1 MO, Champions Gone beyond the grid? E-infrastructures for life sciences 2015-06-02 EGI newsfeed Scientific community Online European [11]
News NA2.1 MO, NGI-NL SURFsara publishes annual report, identifies themes for future innovation 2015-06-08 EGI newsfeed EGI community Online European [12]
Blog post NA2.2 TF The Open Science Commons are adopted by the European Council 2015.05.28 EGI Blog Policy makers, EGI Community online European-wide [13]


Type of activities

Task # Author Title Date Place / Outlet /
Name of event
Type of audience Size of audience Countries addressed Link
Tutorial  ??????? D Scardaci FedCloud tutorial @ HPCS 2015 August 2015 HPCS 2015

Interview  ????????? P Solagna Q&A Title TBC TBC CONNECT magazine

Tutorial  ?????? D Scardaci TBC TBC Software Carpentry workshop


This table is 'harvested' periodically. The archive is available as a Google spreadsheet.


  • Task # - task number
  • Author - lead author
    • Please specify if the author is affiliated with an NGI, or a CC, or if the author is a Champion
  • Type of activities:
    • Scientific Publications, e.g.: papers published in journals, abstracts [This is not the place to report publications published by scientists using services resources provided by EGI or the project]
    • EGI Publications
    • News, Case study and Newsletter, articles published in EGI's communication channels
    • Presentations, e.g., talks given at external meetings
    • Workshops / Tutorials, events organised and/or ran by the WP/task
    • Articles, articles written by the WP/task member for external newsletters, news feeds, etc.
    • Videos & media, media produced by, or with the participation of, the WP/task members
    • Interviews, given by the WP/task members
    • Other, please specify
  • Title - of the article, presentation, workshop, etc.
  • Date - of the article, presentation, workshop, etc. (format YYYY.MM.DD)
  • Place / Outlet / Name of event
    • For publications, articles, etc.: please state the name of the outlet (i.e. the journal, newsletter, newsfeed, video channel)
    • For presentations, posters, etc.: please state the event where they took place
    • For training events, conferences, events: please state the city/country where they were held
  • Type of audience: choose from - Existing User Communities, Resource Providers, NGIs/EIROs, Scientific Community at large (prospective users), Competence Centers, Long Tail of Research, SMEs and Industry, Civil Society, Policy Makers, Funding Agencies, Engage partners, Media, Other (please specify)
    • Feel free to use combinations of the above (e.g. NGIs/EIROs and Existing User Communities)
    • If something is of interest to every audience within EGI (NGIs + EIROs, user communities, technical providers, project partners), please use EGI Community
  • Size of audience
    • For publications, articles, etc.: please state the readership of the outlet/ how many people receive the newsletter?
    • For presentations, events, etc.: please state how many people attended the event, where at the talk.
    • For online items: please write online (because the range of the audience is theoretically infinite)
  • Countries addressed: choose from: Worldwide, Europe-wide, country (specify)
  • Link:
    • Url to the event page, or to a PDF, or a presentation.
    • Please type the link between straight brackets and [] will appear as [14]