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| EISCAT_3D Competence Centre
| EISCAT_3D Competence Centre
| Ingemar Häggström <BR> (ingemar.haggstrom@eiscat.se)
| Ingemar Häggström <BR> (ingemar.haggstrom@eiscat.se)
| Henrik Andersson<br>(henrik.andersson@eiscat.se)
| <br>
| cc-eiscat3d@mailman.egi.eu
| cc-eiscat3d@mailman.egi.eu
| [[CC-EISCAT_3D]]
| [[CC-EISCAT_3D]]

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EGI-Engage Competence centres: Main page ELIXIR BBMRI MoBrain DARIAH LifeWatch EISCAT_3D EPOS Disaster Mitigation | EGI-Engage Knowledge Commons


EGI develops the 'Knowledge Commons' of the Open Science Commons by supporting the work of science community-specific Competence Centres. Each of these are distributed centres where National Grid Initiatives (NGIs), user communities (scientific institutes), technology and service providers join forces. Competence Centres collect and analyse requirements, integrate community-specific applications into state-of-the-art services, foster interoperability across e-Infrastructures, and evolve services through a user-centric development model.

The work of the below listed 8 competence centres are co-funded in the SA2 work package of the EGI-Engage project. The coordinator of this work package is Gergely Sipos/EGI.eu at SZTAKI (gergely.sipos@egi.eu).

A sortable table with the deliverables and milestones of the Competence Centres is available at CC-MilestonesDeliverables

List of Competence Centres

Name Competence Centre Leader Deputy/Technical
(where nominated)
Members' email list Competence Centre's Workspace
ELIXIR Competence Centre Tommi Nyrönen

cc-elixir@mailman.egi.eu CC-DARIAH
BBMRI Competence Centre Petr Holub  Petr Holub

cc-bbmri@mailman.egi.eu CC-BBMRI
MoBrain Competence Centre Alexandre M.J.J. Bonvin
(a.m.j.j.bonvin AT uu.nl)

cc-mobrain@mailman.egi.eu CC-MoBrain
DARIAH Competence Centre Karolj Skala
Zoltán Farkas
cc-dariah@mailman.egi.eu CC-DARIAH
LifeWatch Competence Centre Jesus Marco de Lucas
Fernando Aguilar
cc-lifewatch@mailman.egi.eu CC-LifeWatch
EISCAT_3D Competence Centre Ingemar Häggström

cc-eiscat3d@mailman.egi.eu CC-EISCAT_3D
EPOS Competence Centre Daniele Bailo
Mariusz Sterzel
cc-epos@mailman.egi.eu CC-EPOS
Disaster Mitigation Competence Centre Simon Lin
Eric Yen
(Eric.Yen AT twgrid.org)
cc-disastermitigation@mailman.egi.eu CC-Disaster_Mitigation

Resources for Competence Centres

Email lists

Every competence centre has a dedicated members' email list. These are listed above and are in the form: cc-<NAME> AT mailman.egi.eu.

The coordinators of all competence centres can be reached through the egi-engage-wp6@mailman.egi.eu email list.

Wiki pages

Agenda maker

Webex teleconference system

Competence Centres can organise online tele/video conference meetings using the EGI Webex system. There are two rooms available at any time, each for up to 25 participants. Please consult with Gergely.Sipos@egi.eu for booking details.

Document database

Competence Centres can use the EGI Document Database for the management and sharing of their documents. Access can be controlled via the EGI SSO system thus a document can be e.g. shared with CC members, with specific collaborators, or with the general public. Read and Write access can be controlled separately.

Requirements Tracker

Competence Centres can use the EGI RT system for requirement collection and analysis. Dedicated queues can be setup in the RT system for any of the Competence Centres on request. Such a queue can offer a placeholder for tickets that describe requirement - typically about cloud, AAI, HTC, data, gateways or other technical topics. Further information is available at https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Requirements_Tracking.