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=== Task JRA2.1 Federated Open Data  ===
=== Task JRA2.1 Federated Open Data  ===
* now up and running.  Work is being done to make open EA datasets available in time for Krakow.
=== Task JRA2.2 Federated Cloud  ===
=== Task JRA2.2 Federated Cloud  ===

=== Task JRA2.3 e-Infrastructures Integration  ===
=== Task JRA2.3 e-Infrastructures Integration  ===
* Matthew taking over from Enol as task leader while Enol is on paternity leave.
* Meeting with CANFAR/OneData looking at integration into VOSpace.  They are keen to do this and a number of actions have been identified from the meeting 1) a technical demo of OneData will be given; 2) work will be done to integrate OneData as a backend storage via POSIX; 3) to properly integrate the ODP, the metadata catalogs of OneData and VOSpace will need to interoperate.  This will require development effort.

=== Task JRA2.4 Accelerated Computing  ===
=== Task JRA2.4 Accelerated Computing  ===

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Roles and
WP2(NA2) WP4(JRA2) WP6(SA2) AMB Software and services Metrics Project Office Procedures

Activity Reports

WP1 (NA1) (Yannick Legre)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task NA1.1 Administrative and Financial Management

Task NA1.2 Technical Management

Task NA1.3 Quality and Risk Management

WP2 (NA2) (Sergio Andreozzi)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

  • D2.10: Market Analysis report of selected sectors (M18 - GRNET)
    • In external review, major changes requested
  • Contribution to intermediate report
    • Full draft ready, need to complete some parts; will be delivered on schedule by Friday 26 Aug

Task NA2.1 Communication and Dissemination

  • Website redevelopment
    • adding content, editing & design work in progress
  • News & blog: 2 news items and 1 blog
  • Open for Business brochure is ready

Task NA2.2 Strategy, Business Development and Exploitation

  • Service & Solution Strategy
    • DI4R: call with reps of MERIL portal, discussed and agreed their participation, updated agenda
    • Contributed to marketplace prototype development with mapping of service catalogue to marketplace tool
    • Reviewed internal service portfolio descriptions (sara’s doc)
    • IMS SPM process: improved definition of the process; harmonizing service portfolio entry descriptions and addition information from SDTPs
    • IMS BDS process: initial design of the new process
    • IMS CI process: added a couple suggestions for improvement
    • FitSM trainings: discussions with WeNMR about potentially organizing an In-House foundation training
  • Pay-for-use Implementation
    • e-GRANT: development updates (progress check call scheduled for 30 Aug)
  • Exploitation
    • Drafted general spreadsheet for the dissemination report with new column on related project output

Task NA2.3 SME/Industry Engagement and Big Data Value Chain

  • SME engagement
    • Improved the first contact questionnaire for private organisation:
    • CloudSME: follow-up from kick-off meeting 3 Aug
    • Terradue: discussions for video to include in DI4R presentation based on business use case (being drafted)

WP3 (JRA1) (Diego Scardaci)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

  • WP3 Intermediate report: under preparation
  • D3.7 First release of the EGI Service Registry and Marketplace prototype: TOC ready

Task JRA1.1 Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure

Task JRA1.2 Service Registry and Marketplace

  • Technology assessment
  • Definition of service hierarchies and attributes

Task JRA1.3 Accounting

  • Evaluation of the status of the new accounting portal
  • Review of the accounting repo roadmap

Task JRA1.4 Operations Tools

Task JRA1.5 Resource Allocation – e-GRANT

  • Integration with the Marketplace

WP4 (JRA2) (Tiziana Ferrari)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task JRA2.1 Federated Open Data

Task JRA2.2 Federated Cloud

Task JRA2.3 e-Infrastructures Integration

Task JRA2.4 Accelerated Computing

WP5 (SA1) (Peter Solagna)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

  • contribution to intermediate report and WP5 metrics

Task SA1.1 Operations Coordination

  • Reviewing security policies for template/terminology
  • Fixing the RT workflow after the upgrade
  • Works on UMD4 and CMD
  • Investigations of possible issues after the ARGO release
  • Testing the next VAPOR release, fixed some issues and proposed new features
  • Testing and reviewing the new accounting portal: new meeting Friday 2nd September
  • Planned next week a meeting for assessing the DIRAC status and the possible usage by EGI communities
  • Works on GLUE2.1 Schema: cloud extensions

Task SA1.2 Development of Security Operations

Task SA1.3 Integration, Deployment of Grid and Cloud Platforms

WP6 (SA2) (Gergely Sipos)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task SA2.1 Training

  • Working on material for DI4R tutorials (FedCloud app developer course; Security course)
  • Input for intermediate report

Task SA2.2 Technical User Support

  • Preparation to design your e-infrastructure workshop (panel meeting on Friday)
  • IMS CRM process definition
  • Input for intermediate report

Task SA2.3-2.10 Competence Centres

  • Provided input to intermediate report