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(WP4 (JRA2) (Matthew Viljoen))
(Task NA2.1 Communication and Dissemination)
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*Preparations for Kraków 2016 (joint user forum with other e-infrastructures)
*Preparations for Kraków 2016 (joint user forum with other e-infrastructures)
*Wrap up of CF2015
*Update of Open Science Commons website
*Development of brief for the EGI website renovation
=== Task NA2.2 Strategy, Business Development and Exploitation  ===
=== Task NA2.2 Strategy, Business Development and Exploitation  ===

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Roles and
WP2(NA2) WP4(JRA2) WP6(SA2) AMB Software and services Metrics Project Office Procedures


Activity Reports

WP1 (NA1) (Yannick Legre)

Dissamination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task NA1.1 Administrative and Financial Management

Task NA1.2 Technical Management

Task NA1.3 Quality and Risk Management

WP2 (NA2) (Sergio Andreozzi)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

  • D2.6: “Report on data sharing policies and legal framework in fishery and marine sciences data sector” (FAO)
    • Prepared ToC; Awaiting internal FAO legal consultant to review
    • Will send to AMB for comments within the week
  • D2.7: “Market Report on the fishery and marine sciences data sector”
    • No comments provided by AMB from last version of ToC sent
    • Revised version from EGI CF’15 will be circulated within the week for comments
  • Proposed changes to deliverable schedule:
    • D2.5: EGI Governance: Analysis and Recommendations (R) - M12->M20 (Oct 2016, after Community Forum)
      • Motivation: The governance was updated recently, so it is early to start a new analysis process
    • D2.12: EGI Governance: Report on Adoption (R) M28 - Merge with D2.13 EGI Sustainability and Business Development Plan M30
      • The title of D2.13 would stay the same, the description will include updates on adopting recommendations to governance updates

Task NA2.1 Communication and Dissemination

  • News item: Registration Open! FitSM Foundation Training - 10 Dec 2015 - Amsterdam
  • Social media posts: several posts during EGI CF’15 (EGI account and personal)
  • FitSM Training Service Offers: promotional material print
  • Preparations for Kraków 2016 (joint user forum with other e-infrastructures)
  • Wrap up of CF2015
  • Update of Open Science Commons website
  • Development of brief for the EGI website renovation

Task NA2.2 Strategy, Business Development and Exploitation

  • EGI Community Forum
    • Procurement Session:
      • Presentation on “Procurement in EGI & CERN Cloud Market Survey Feedback”
    • Innovating with SMEs:
      • Presentation on “EGI Business Development”
      • Panel Chair/Participation + Pre-developed questions
    • Data without Borders
      • Session organisation and Chair
  • Open Science Cloud
    • Workshop organisation
    • Session rapporteurs
    • Post-workshop summary report
  • Pay-for-Use
    • Support in e-GRANT P4U pre-production updates for demo
  • Policy Groups
    • Pushing updates of ToR
  • Business Development
    • ESA INFOaaS meeting
  • Service Management
    • FitSM training
      • Finalised all aspects of training for 1st paying customer (Terradue)
      • Full organisation of 1st open registration training (10 Dec in Amsterdam)
    • CrKBO logo on EGI website training pages

Task NA2.3 SME/Industry Engagement and Big Data Value Chain

  • SME Engagement
  • Market Analysis
    • 2 Data without Borders sessions at EGI CF'15
    • Group call held on 20 Nov
      • Post EGI CF’15 follow up actions
    • See deliverable section above

WP3 (JRA1) (Diego Scardaci)

Dissamination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

  • Next Deliverables at PM12

Task JRA1.1 Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure

Task JRA1.2 Service Registry and Marketplace

Task JRA1.3 Accounting

  • Survey to get requirements for Data Accounting
  • Accounting Portal: first demo at the EGI CF 2015. This demo showed the technologies that will be adopted in the new portal. Demo will be presented again tomorrow (11-12) for people that didn't attend JRA1 session @ EGI CF. No enhancement in the features offered yet.

Task JRA1.4 Operations Tools

Operations Portal

  • New GLUE2 Browser


Monitoring & Messaging

  • Multi-tenant support in the core framework
  • New API (v2) implementation
  • Status reports are generated by the A/R Computation Engine
  • Web UI updated to latest Lavoisier version and new adaptor implemented for the status results
  • ARGO Central Monitoring as a Service: pilot operations in Nov and Dec 2015

Security Monitoring

  • VA Security Assessment

Task JRA1.5 Resource Allocation – e-GRANT

  • No report received

WP4 (JRA2) (Matthew Viljoen)

Dissamination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

D4.2 “VM snapshot support: OCCI extension, final specification (1/12/15)”

  • Comments received from internal reviewers. Next version with comments incorporated is being prepared.

D4.3 “Resource template changes: OCCI extension, final specification (1/12/15)”

  • Comments received from internal reviewers. Next version with comments incorporated is being prepared.

Task JRA2.1 Federated Open Data

Task JRA2.2 Federated Cloud

  • OCCI for OpenStack (ooi) release for today.
    • Extensive testing during last weeks.
    • Initial testing deployment at II SAS.
  • Collected Deliverables review, working on the integration of changes.

Task JRA2.3 e-Infrastructures Integration

    • Presentations on EGI CF
    • Integration meeting held with European and Canadian partners. Discussion on monitoring services provided by EGI and possible integration of those for the CANFAR platform.
  • D4Science
    • Tutorial on EGI CF
    • Presentations on EGI CF
    • integration continues testing of new VM Images in AppDB

Task JRA2.4 Accelerated Computing

  • Accelerated Computing in Grid
    • Presentation at WLCG GDB the 4th of November
    • Presentation at CF in Bari
    • Obtained availabilty to testing from ARNES (Slurm based GPU cluster) and Qeen Mary (SGE based cluster with OpenCL compatible AMD GPUs)
  • Accelerated Computing in Cloud
    • Site IISAS-GPUCloud is integrated to FedCloud and certified
    • Presentation + demonstration at CF in Bari

WP5 (SA1) (Peter Solagna)

Dissamination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task SA1.1 Operations Coordination

  • VMI Endorsement still not finalized. Proposed to split the roles of operators and endorser.
  • Information system: GLUE2 support and GLUE2 compliance. Discussions with WLCG to have a common plan for GLUE2 and GLUE1.3
  • Discussed in the F2F OMB about Marketplace services, not much feedback for the moment from ngis.

Task SA1.2 Development of Security Operations

  • Progressing in the plan of the security thread risk assessment. Circulated further request for participants. At the moment the number of "assessors" is limited.

Task SA1.3 Integration, Deployment of Grid and Cloud Platforms

  • Scheduling a call with all the NGIs involved in SA1.3 to begin the process of integrating LTOS with NGIs services
  • ltos: Progressing with the integration of ws-pgrade
  • ESA explotation platform, struggling to find resources reliable, occi compliant and PUSP compiant. But progressing, ESA/Terradue is almost ready to submit VMs.

WP6 (SA2) (Gergely Sipos)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task SA2.1 Training

Task SA2.2 Technical User Support


Task SA2.4 BBMRI

Task SA2.5 MoBrain


Task SA2.7 LifeWatch

Task SA2.8 EISCAT_3D

Task SA2.9 EPOS

Task SA2.10 Disaster Mitigation