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EGI-Engage project: Main page WP1(NA1) WP3(JRA1) WP5(SA1) PMB Deliverables and Milestones Quality Plan Risk Plan Data Plan
Roles and
WP2(NA2) WP4(JRA2) WP6(SA2) AMB Software and services Metrics Project Office Procedures

Activity Reports

WP1 (NA1) (Yannick Legre)

Dissamination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task NA1.1 Administrative and Financial Management

Task NA1.2 Technical Management

Task NA1.3 Quality and Risk Management

WP2 (NA2) (Sergio Andreozzi)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

  • D2.7 ToC - “Market Report on the fishery and marine sciences data sector” (M12 - ENG)
    • Sergio to circulate for early feedback along with questionnaire/interview (see NA2.3 below)

Task NA2.1 Communication and Dissemination

  • Work on CF2015 organisation
  • EGI Inspired article: FedSM final results
  • News item: CloudWATCH final results
  • Social media posts: ICT2015, etc.

Task NA2.2 Strategy, Business Development and Exploitation

  • Preparation of sessions for EGI Community Forum
    • Procurement Session: EGI P4U internal feedback gathering from CERN market survey for presentation
    • Innovating with SMEs:
      • Still just missing a speaker from Innovation Clusters
      • Meeting with Annabel 28 Oct at 15:00
      • EGI P4U demo support
    • Data sessions (Wed)
      • Update discussion on remaining speakers held through Market Analysis call
  • ICT 2015 (Lisbon) attendance
  • EGI Policy Group ToR update chasing
  • Service Management
    • EGI Policy Brief on Service Portfolio - for Council
    • EGI ITSM SMS - initial/set-up activities updated by all process owners
    • Review of SDTPs for all services of the new EGI Service Portfolio
    • SSB meeting 27 Oct
    • FitSM training
      • Final requirements post-audit + website update (CRKBO logo)
    • Follow-up with potential 1st paying customer (Terradue)

Task NA2.3 SME/Industry Engagement and Big Data Value Chain

  • UberCloud MoU:
    • 1st call held 21 Oct
    • RT ticket created + all agreed actions included
  • Call held with ALTEC (space company) 27 Oct
  • CloudSME follow-up
  • Market Analysis group call held on 27 Oct
    • EGI CF’15 updates
    • Market analysis methodology follow-up
    • Questionnaire/Interview timing for internal feedback through AMB and release schedule agreed
    • D2.7 ToC Review
  • Preparation for data sessions (x3) at EGI Community Forum
    • Calls to harmonize sessions; agenda outline; Indico mostly populated with latest info
  • RT queue update requests to support business engagement

WP3 (JRA1) (Diego Scardaci)

Dissamination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task JRA1.1 Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure

Task JRA1.2 Service Registry and Marketplace

Task JRA1.3 Accounting

Task JRA1.4 Operations Tools

Task JRA1.5 Resource Allocation – e-GRANT

WP4 (JRA2) (Matthew Viljoen)

Dissamination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

D4.2 “VM snapshot support: OCCI extension, final specification (1/12/15)”

  • First draft of deliverable due first week of November

D4.3 “Resource template changes: OCCI extension, final specification (1/12/15)”

  • First draft of deliverable due first week of November

Task JRA2.1 Federated Open Data

  • Collection and analysis of standards and technologies for metadata definition and management in the context of open data
  • Preparation for releasing Onedata sources on Github
  • Continuing work on white paper with OpenAIRE on integration with EGI’s Open Data Platform

Task JRA2.2 Federated Cloud

  • ooi in testing in IISAS-Fedcloud.
 * Discrepancies found between rOCCI-cli and OCCI specification (
 * Several bugfixes in ooi (,
 * Found bug in monitoring (
  • FZJ planning to deploy ooi.
  • Ongoing work on the deliverables.
  • Implementation of accounting record v0.4, coordinated with J. Gordon.
 * Implementation ongoing for cASO and oneacct.
 * Needs manual testing before release.

Task JRA2.3 e-Infrastructures Integration

  • D4Science integration: second version of VM image for use cases available on AppDB, ongoing testing.
  • Meeting with BITP (Ukraine) and Saint Peteburg State University on possible integration of their cloud deployment into FedCloud. Integration is ongoing

Task JRA2.4 Accelerated Computing

  • Obtained access to Emerald GPGPU testbed, and started the development of GPGPU-enabled CREAM prototype for LSF.
  • Accounting records of Torque 4.2.10, LSF8 and LSF9 have been analysed and found that they do not support yet GPGPU accounting. However NVML libraries allow to enable per process accounting on most recent NVIDIA cards.
  • For the cloud side, GPGPU enabled cloud testbed has been certified and then fully integrated with the EGI-FedCloud.
  • A wiki is available with instructions on how to create via OCCI a VM with a suitable flavour supporting the GPGPU. Access through OpenStack dashboard is available upon request.
  • Moldyngrid, and VOs have been enabled. The Ukranian team managing the moldyngrid VO is preparing a demonstration of their use case on this testbed at EGI CF In Bari.

WP5 (SA1) (Peter Solagna)

Dissamination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task SA1.1 Operations Coordination

Task SA1.2 Development of Security Operations

Task SA1.3 Integration, Deployment of Grid and Cloud Platforms

WP6 (SA2) (Gergely Sipos)

Dissemination reports

Milestones & Deliverables

Task SA2.1 Training

  • FedCloud user training at SZTAKI
  • Preparation for EGI cloud-based NGS training in Thessaloniki
  • Preparation for tutorials in Bari

Task SA2.2 Technical User Support

  • Meeting to be held with EMSO on Oct 29
  • Preparation for ENVRI+ meeting (2 sessions for EGI)
  • Preparation for Biomedbridges Symposium (with EGI demos)
  • Preparation for F2F engagement meeting in Bari (contacting NILs, defining agenda)


  • Registered VO in EGI. AUP to be simplified (to have a more compact document)
  • Setup of ELIXIR IdP is ongoing
  • Setup and testing of EBI federated cloud site is ongoing
  • Identification of scientific use cases for the CC is ongoing

Task SA2.4 BBMRI

  • Kick-off meeting was held, with first goals defined:
    • Technical integration of Biobankcloud and EGI federated Cloud (technical meeting was held specifically about this). Short outline document to be prepared
    • Identification of scientific use cases
  • Clarifying EUDAT role is another todo

Task SA2.5 MoBrain


  • Identification of datasets for Data Repository is ongoing (this relates to first deliverable)
  • VO was setup. More compact AUP is to be prepared. Sites to join from CC members.
  • Meeting to organise about CDSTAR development (this relates to second deliverable)

Task SA2.7 LifeWatch

  • Intense work is ongoing on first deliverable. Draft is available for internal review.
  • Telco meeting to be organised next week
  • F2F meeting to be organised in Bari

Task SA2.8 EISCAT_3D

  • Working on two documents: EISCAT data specification; EISCAT portal specification.

Task SA2.9 EPOS

Task SA2.10 Disaster Mitigation