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Welcome to the page of the EGI-DRIHM collaboration

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Note well. The detailed description of the computational and storage activity requirements to support DRIHM applications, both the highly parallel and less demanding ones, will be added to the wiki EGI-DRIHM collaboration wiki pages (June 15 - June 30 2013).

DRIHM VO Support

  • June 15 - July 31 2013. Enable the DRIHM VO in a couple of EGI scheduler service (i.e. gLite-WMS/LB), in order to test the facilities offered by these services (jobs bookeeping, rescheduling, resources matchmaking, Input/Output SandBox handling, etc.).

Services for DRIHM

June 15 - June 30 2013. Other services needed are: a VOMS server (already available for DRIHM), a file catalogue (i.e. gLite-LFC) and a MyProxy server.


15 June - 01 July 2013. Porting of the demanding model (i.e. WRF) to the Grid Environment in collaboration with the EGI/NGIs user support teams for some selected "Critical Cases" and preliminary tests of the Grid submission/data management. (using NGI general purpose VO if DRIHM is not deployed yet)

Define sites to support the demanding jobs

01 July - 15 August 2013. Identification of the testbed members willing to run demanding jobs, as the meteo models, with the indication of the maximum allowable parallelism degree.

Job submission testing

  • 01 July - 31 Aug 2013. Test the job submission (direct to CE and via WMS/LB) and data management from a command line user interface for the most demanding models on the DRIHM testbed - Performance evaluation of the infrastructure resources and services.
  • 01 July - 31 Aug 2013. Porting and preliminary tests for the submission of jobs and data management from a command line user interface of the less demanding applications (hydrologic and hydraulic models) - Performance evaluation of the infrastructure and investigation of the capabilities offered by the virtualization systems available within EGI that can be suitable to run these applications.
  • 01-30 September 2013. Preliminary test for the submission of jobs from the DRIHM sci-bus-based portal to the EGI testbed resources.
  • 1 October 2013 - June 2014. Incremental setup and tests of the complete suite of DRIHM models on the testbed resources  ?

Production phase

November 2013 ? - end of the DRIHM project

Table of actions 2013

Nr. From To Involved Action Done Notes and progress
1. June 15 June 30 NGIs Enable DRIHM VO at sites listed in the testbed (computing and storage resources) Below is the list of sites already supporting DRIHM VO:






Czech Republic:

REF: List of sites supporting VO DRIHM.EU

Below is the list of sites planning to enable DRIHM VO soon:
3 sites will support




2. June 15 June 30 NGIs & DRIHM DRIHM VO services
$ lcg-infosites --is --vo wms
MyProxy VOMS:
$ lcg-infosites --is --vo lfcLocal
VOMS MyProxy:
[[|Catch All Services]]
3. June 15 June 30 NGIs & DRIHM WRF with MPICH2, GFORTRAN, NetCDF, GRIB2 deployment at NGIs. By Daniele Cesini:

One of the use cases provided by CIMA with WRF on the Naples site (SL6 WNs), using 16 core on 8 differnet nodes with infiniband and OpenMPI, but the performance (*) were not so exiting,
The use case was the Genova flooding on 11-04-2011, 24hrs starting from 00:00, only the coarser domain, not the nested one.
If someone else is interested in trying this run, jdl, exe and prologue (with reference to the data stored in a Grid SE that should be world readable) are available here:wrf-test.tgz
(I didn't installed WRF at the site, everything it's hardcoded, but it can be used for a test with few changes in the script - I can provide more details if needed)

Jerome from France provided the WRF configruation file with needed dependencis by DRIHM.

4. July 01 August 15 NGIs List of sites for demanding jobs (indicate maximum number of cores for paralell computing)
5. July 01 August 31 DRIHM Testing DRIHM models at NGIs computing and storage resources (job submission of WRF models, data management using command line interface)
6. September 01 September 30 DRIHM Testing DRIHM models at NGIs computing and storage resources (job submission of WRF models, data management using dedicated SCI-BUS portal)