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Welcome to the page of the EGI-DRIHM collaboration

EGI DRIHAM collaboration menu: Home Members Infrastructure Roadmap

List of sites which did confirm of their interest and participation:


  • 3 sites, not supporting MPI at the moment but will do in a short time, DRIHM will be enabled then
  • Contact: Emir Imamagic


  • no resource support, but support by site IN2P3-IRES in compiling of WRF and Netcdf, for sharing of experience
  • Contact:


  • LRZ already supported initial testing of the hydro simulations


  • DRIHM VO is enabled on:
    • GR-06-IASA
    • GR-10-UOI
    • HG-02-IASA
    • HG-04-CTI-CEID
    • HG-05-FORTH-ICS,
    • HG-06-EKT
    • HG-08-Okeanos
    • HG-03-AUTH to follow soon.

more can be added as needed pending to the outcome of the discussions with local users and their requirements.

  • contact: Kostas Koumantaros


  • IGI-BOLOGNA. Level of parallelism offered: 48-64 nodes
    • (SL5 - no infiniband - 24 core per node - 80 GB per node)
    • (SL6 -no infiniband - 24 core per node - 80 GB per node)
    • Issues reported by D. Cesini in compiling WRF code on SL5 - Compilation ok on SL6
  • NAPLES: level of parallelism offered: 48-64 nodes
    • (SL6 infiniband enabled - 8 core per node - 16GB per node)
  • NAPLES, ROma3 INFN (tentative, sys admins being contacted)
  • Contact: Daniele Cesini
  • Note: Daniele reported that site IGI-BOLOGNA will be used by DRIHM to use virtualized resources using the WNODES technology (DRIHM needs virtual machines requiring windows as suppor OS)


  • MK-03-FINKI
  • contact: Boro Jakimovski


  • site: NIKHEF/SurfSARA
  • Contact: David Groep (, Coen Schrijvers ( - Coen both as a local contact point of Deltares and as the NIL


  • AEGIS01-IPB-SCL site (hosting,
  • contact: Antun Balaz


  • (only MPICH2) and site CETA-CIEMAT
  • contact: Esteban Freire (
  • contact for CETA-CIEMAT:,