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Welcome to the page of the EGI-DRIHM collaboration

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General Project Information

DRIHM project

  • DRIHM aims for facilitating the access to hydrometeorological data and models, the collaboration between meteorologists, hydrologists, and Earth science experts for accelerated scientific advances in hydrometeorological research (HMR).
  • Leader: Antonio Parodi (antonio.parodi @

EGI-DRIHM collaboration

  • Leader: Tiziana Ferrari ( @
  • Start Date: 17.05.2013
  • End Date:
  • Mailinglist: egi-drihm @
  • Meetings: Indico page (slides and minutes from meetings)


DRIHM meteorological models is based on WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting). WRF is a community model with open source license.

WRF requirements for EGI sites:

  • 160-240 processors, but the simulations can be designed also to run on 50-100 processors
  • about 24 hours of physical simulation time, to an elapsed time of a single run of 144--96 hours (6--4 days).
  • Temporary disk space (GB): 80 GB for input, output, which corresponds to 24 h physical time, saving the data every 30 minutes of physical time. 28 GB for restart files, saving files every 6 hours of physical time.
  • submission is through the DRIHM portal, based on SCI-BUS (

Virtual organization

  • DRIHM VO is in production
  • ID Card:
  • vousers at Write to all VO users
  • vousersupport at Write to the VO support
  • vosecurity at Write to security representatives of the VO
  • vomanagers at Write to VO managers


Primary/master instance

  • Hosted in Italy by Italian NGI at CNAF (in Bologna)
  • Host name:
  • HTTPS port: 8443
  • VOMSES port: 15005

Secondary/slave instance

  • Hosted in Italy by Italian NGI in Naples
  • Host name:
  • HTTPS port: 8443
  • VOMSES port: 15005